The Advantages of Studying Law in the UK


Over the past few years an increasing number of Canadian students have chosen to pursue a qualifying Law Degree in the UK. So why the UK? There are a few excellent reasons:

Fast Track Your Degree

You can go straight into Law School from high school and complete a qualifying law degree in three years, saving you four years of university. With a 4-year Honour’s Bachelor’s degree, you can apply for a 2-year accelerated LLB, that allows you to complete your degree a year sooner, as well as boost your employability by participating in legal clinics, and acquiring international experience that you cannot get at a Canadian Law School.

Comparable Cost to a Canadian Degree

Studying in the UK is not as expensive as you might think. Tuition and living costs are comparable to studying at top law schools in Ontario. Saving years of study also means saving years of tuition!

Specialized LLM’s

Not interested in practicing as a lawyer? Consider pursuing a 12-month LLM in a specialist area of law, boosting your employability and giving you the opportunity to be a consultant, write policy, or work for an NGO.  LLM’s are available in a wide range of specialities, and provided by top-ranked institutions for research.

The opportunities available to you with a UK Law Degree are endless. If you are interested in hearing more, contact us through our website:

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