Study and Go Abroad Virtual education fair 2022 helps you discover study abroad programs. Learn about how to win scholarships, undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs at home and abroad with virtual fair 2022. University Fair Canada / University fairs in Canada / Canada University fairs / Canadian College and University Fair: Considering studying abroad, volunteer abroad, work and travel or gap year? Searching for university fairs in Canada? Explore Study Abroad Programs of universities, professional schools and graduate schools from all over the world; Canada, US, England, Australia and many more countries. Start planning your next step in education with our Canada virtual education fair Canada. Meet virtually with universities from Canada and around the world from the comfort of your home. Chat live with representatives from universities and professional schools during the fair. Learn about undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs at home and abroad. Ask about admission requirements, and available scholarships. Taking a gap year? Visit the student travel booths to find out more about gap year options, including work abroad. Check the fair webinar schedule on our website, and see which institutions are attending university fair Canada.

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A German Experience

In 2012 and 2013, the 23-year-old engineering student Daniel van Lanen spent two semesters in Germany. Originally, the Canadian exchange…