5 Reasons International Students Love Studying in Finland


Students enjoy taking on adventures and having new experiences. They love discovering new things, that’s why traveling abroad is something many foreign students yearn to experience. Of course, it’s more fun when you experience it and travel. Many aspire of doing both–studying while having the opportunity to travel or live abroad, and these are 5 reasons why Foreign students love to study abroad.

Job Opportunities
Both living and studying abroad can open the door to more work opportunities than if you stay at home to study in Canada. Skills learned abroad look great on your resume and can give you that competitive edge vs your peers when applying for a job after graduation. Studying abroad is an investment in your future!

Living abroad will broaden your perspectives. Immerse yourself in a different culture and discover a whole range of different traditions and cultural beliefs – and it might make you rethink your own.

Travelling abroad can be scary, but it’s also exciting and offers the potential of a lot of adventure! It forces you to get out of your comfort zone, but the rewards are great. Studying abroad allows you to explore and have all these great experiences without putting your studies/career on hold.

At home, your family and circle of friends probably think the same as you, have the same perspectives on issues, and are very much like you (we tend to naturally hang out with like-minded people). However, when you study abroad, you have the opportunity to meet people from very different backgrounds, who have had different experiences growing up, and who maybe hold different belief systems.  It’s fun to swap stories and experiences with people from different countries, and you could develop life-long friendships.

Studying abroad means studying things from a different perspective. For example, history is different depending on who is telling it – so the history taught in other countries can be quite different from the history we learn in school in Canada. Hearing information from a foreign, perspective can provide a good insight. Studying abroad widens the horizons of your knowledge, teaches you critical thinking and problem solving, and helps you to become self-reliant. Endless possibilities and opportunities!

If you are interested in studying in Finland, here’s a link to more information bit.ly/2PJUlOF

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