The ITHQ Launches Quebec’s Very First Applied Bachelor in Hospitality and Hotel Management


As the entire tourism industry is already preparing to resume its activities, the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) is proud to announce its launch of the very first specialized bachelor degree in hospitality in Quebec for those who want to pursue a management career in the vast hospitality sector. The Applied Bachelor in Hospitality and Hotel Management will become the first program for which the ITHQ will independently offer a university degree.

“Key indicators show that the tourism industry will restart its activities very soon and return to normal between 2023 and 2025. The labour shortage will continue to be a major issue for our sector as a whole, and more than 50,000 jobs will have to be filled in Quebec in the coming years. When our first cohort of students receive their degrees in 2024, the industry will get access to qualified employees who are ready to help reinvent businesses affected by the pandemic,” explained the Honourable Liza Frulla, General Director of the ITHQ.

Opening doors to multiple opportunities

Graduates of the Applied Bachelor in Hospitality and Hotel Management will attract the attention of recruiters not only in the hotel sector but also in various sectors such as restaurants, leisure, travel, conventions, attractions, and much more.

“Hospitality graduates stand out through their approach to creating human interactions that promote well-being thanks to behaviours, attitudes and physical environments that are customer-focused,” said Jasmin Tanguay, Senior Director of University Programs and Research at the ITHQ. “This group of qualified young employees will appeal to companies in different industries that want to stand out through excellent service and an incredible customer experience.”

A unique approach

Thanks to its practical approach based on alternating work-study internships, the Applied Bachelor in Hospitality and Hotel Management is an alternative to the traditional business administration diploma. The first of its kind in Quebec, this bilingual program includes a ten-month internship placement in addition to practicums at the ITHQ’s unique teaching facilities that give its students concrete preparation for a promising career path. “Students need leadership and interpersonal skills to work in the hospitality and hotel industry, which means they have to get right into the action to effectively apply the management theories they learn in class,” explained Jasmin Tanguay.

While the program is still being evaluated, it will be offered in fall 2021 pending its final authorizations. Potential students are therefore invited to submit their applications via the ITHQ website by May 1, 2021 at

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