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Tove Meyer was a Cultural Care au pair in Chicago, Illinois in the early 2000’s. Now, she’s a respected television journalist based in Stockholm. Tove’s experience as an au pair helped her build the confidence and independence she needed to take on new challenges and prosper in her career. She learned new professional skills, gained valuable cultural experience, formed lifelong relationships, and made unforgettable memories. Learn more about Tove and why her life is brighter because of the time she spent as an au pair.

Being an au pair made me ready to take on any challenge set in front of me.

—Tove Meyer

All Cultural Care au pairs live with a host family, take college courses, earn money each week, and learn valuable skills caring for their host children. During time off, au pairs are free to travel anywhere they’d like to see in the U.S.! Not to mention all the valuable educational and professional knowledge they gain that looks great on any resumé.


When Tove arrived with the Telleen family, she felt right at home. She connected with her host children immediately and fell in love with the family. Tove met two other au pairs living near the Telleens and they are still her best friends to this day. Almost two decades later, she’s been back to visit her host family twice, and her host child, Claire (now 18), will be staying with Tove while she visits Sweden this summer.


In America, Tove gained a stronger sense of self and her confidence soared. She enjoyed being out on her own, taking care of her host children, and coming into her own. This confidence not only helped her transform as a person, but helped to define her future career.


While she was an au pair, Tove wrote and sent several short stories into a writing competition and was published! She later went on to devote her studies and career to Journalism. Since her au pair years, Tove studied journalism at university and now works for the largest late-night television network in Sweden. Tove is now an author of several books.

What would you do with your au pair life?

Learn more about what becoming an au pair is all about, and how the au pair life can open up your world.

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