Choosing the Best Gap Year Destination


Sometimes, finishing high school and going to college may seem like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. While the previous part of your life still isn’t finished, you are supposed to skip town, say goodbye to your previous life and begin anew somewhere else (especially if it’s abroad). That’s why it’s highly advisable for everyone to approach this transition seriously.

One way to handle this is to get a three months’ internship in the UK and prepare yourself for a higher level of responsibility you are about to start undertaking. It will also help those who intend to study in Europe get accustomed to local prices and expenses. Furthermore, it will give you a fresh perspective on life. While already in the UK, you might use this opportunity to travel the Old Continent a bit. Here are few ideas on fun destinations to visit during your gap year abroad.


The Spanish island of Ibiza is synonymous with lavish European nightlife. The summer club scene on the island is truly amazing, as is only fitting for the birthplace of electronic music. On this magnificent Mediterranean hotspot, every waking minute is a party, which may also be somewhat of a bootcamp for all future college parties. The greatest downside of such a holiday is that it isn’t cheap. Still, there are few things which could help your budget out a bit. One of them is choosing to hit up Ibiza out of season and thus save quite a bit. Off season, you can get cheap flights to Ibiza for as little as £32 (the flight from London to Ibiza takes about 2 hours and 25 minutes).


Even though Ibiza may be more exotic, chances are you won’t have the time nor the resources for such a luxurious trip. Luckily, the capital of Northern Ireland is right there under your nose and is a prime destination you simply must visit. The flight from London is around £40, which is quite affordable. There you can visit the Titanic Belfast Museum, take a tour of the Ulster Museum, and even go on a cheap hop-on, hop-off tour around the town in an open-top double-checker. The places to visit at night are 21 Social, Alibi and Apartment Restaurant located in the city centre.

Choosing the Best Gap Year Destination


It’s beyond doubt that Florence is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Because of this, it’s a perfect target for your next visit. Funnily enough, out of all Italian citizens, Florentines are the most likely to speak English. This is great for all those who don’t speak Italian well enough. The entire place is practically a museum of Italian Renaissance, which makes it a perfect place for sightseeing.


On your way back home, you may want to visit Florida for an extended holiday. Seeing how your internship was probably not an easy one and that studying abroad can be quite stressful, you deserve a dream holiday. What better place to visit than the capital of US tourism? Here, you can see Disney World, world-famous Everglades and even take a brief tour of Universal Studio Florida. No matter what your budget range is you are bound to get your money’s worth.


While to some, taking a gap year means nothing more than postponing your responsibilities, this doesn’t have to be the case. Continuing with your routine for a year can be a waste that won’t teach you anything new. On the other hand, broadening your horizons by visiting new places, meeting new people and learning from new experiences is something essentially different and definitely worth your while.

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    If you are still wondering where to fly this summer, I advise you to think about such a destination as Ibiza. This Spanish island of Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is very cool for a vacation.
    I recently returned from there and I want to go back again. I had a great time there, and I also rented a convertible for an even better vacation, so I had an incredible time on the island

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