12 Universities in Spain where You Can Study in English


When it comes to studying overseas, a fantastic opportunity for any student is studying in Spain. Spain is a country with an intense cultural and historical heritage, a reasonable cost of living and when you add in the option of studying in English, Spain becomes a very popular destination for international students. Expand your horizons and live the ultimate student experience, in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.

Give yourself the best chance to learn another language. Learning another language is one of the biggest reasons students elect to study abroad and Spain is a great country to do it in. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, so master this language and it will likely enrich your resumé significantly.

Here is a brief overview of some of the great Spanish schools that offer you the option of studying in English.

EU Business School, Barcelona

The EU Business School in Barcelona is an accredited, diverse and prominent business school. It is part of a network that was established in 1973 and the school has other campuses in Geneva, Montreux and Munich.  As well, there is also the option to study online.

The EU Business School offers various courses at foundation, bachelor, master and doctoral levels. EU’s programs include Leisure and Tourism Management, Business Finance, Sports Management, International Relations, Business Administration, Communication and Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and E-Business; this list is not exhaustive.

ESEI International Business School, Barcelona

ESEI International Business School, based in Barcelona, is an institute of higher education. Founded by Mr. Jorge Estera-Sanza, a practised manager and business leader, in 1989, the school offers authenticated British degrees. ESEI is well-known as a top educational establishment and it offers English taught undergraduate and postgraduate business degrees.

Since 1989, ESEI has been promoting ‘creativity, new ideas, and trends’ and is very proud of this. Students come to study at ESEI from all over the world and all students have the opportunity to do an internship while carrying out their degree.

UIBS, Barcelona & Madrid

The United International Business Schools organization (UIBS) is a private training institution with accredited campuses in Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Asia. UIBS offers adaptable undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and executive level business and management programs. Based on the American higher education model, UIBS’s programs permit students to select their programs dependent on course conditions, prior studies, recent interests and future goals.

Foundation, professional and online business and management programs are also available. UIBS’ community of students and faculty is comprised of over 85 nationalities from all over the world.

EAE Business School, Barcelona

EAE Business School was founded in 1958 and has educated more than fifty thousand executives and managers. The school has campuses in Barcelona and Madrid in Spain and in 2009 MERCO ranked EAE the 4th best business school in Spain.

EAE has created an Online Business School, which provides a wide variety of postgraduate courses. Aside from the Barcelona and Madrid campuses, EAE students can study a semester abroad in Paris or New York. The university also has branches in Lima (Peru), Bogotá (Colombia) and Mexico City (Mexico) the purpose of these branches is to strengthen the university’s position in Latin America.

ESADE Business School, Barcelona

ESADE Business School was established in 1958 in Barcelona. The Business School is part of ESADE and Ramon Llull University. As well as in Barcelona, the school has campuses in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Casablanca.

The ESADE Business School offers graduate business programs including a full-time MBA, a part-time MBA, a one-year MBA, an MSc in International Management, an MSc and CEMS MIM and an MSc in Marketing Management. Another fact worth mentioning is that ESADE has signed co-operation agreements with more than one hundred universities around the world. Through EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA accreditation, ESADE is one of only 35 business schools around the world to have been awarded the triple crown.

C3S Business School, Barcelona

C3S Business School is located in the centre of Barcelona and is internationally-accredited. As the school is situated in a diverse city, it has students from all over the world and has a distinctive teaching method that is focussed on a real-world approach.

As C3S offers a wide range of courses that include diplomas, bachelors, masters and doctorates, the school is able to meet the high expectations of students and working partners. C3S is continually growing and expanding its network of partnerships with top class universities.

La Salle – Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona

La Salle University in Barcelona began to serve the Catalonian industry as a pioneer school in 1903, and has been innovating education ever since. The campus in Barcelona is part of the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) which has more than 70 universities around the world. The University’s faculty works to provide a top quality education for the youth of tomorrow. La Salle believes that in society, people must come first.

Schiller International University, Madrid

Schiller International University’s educational mission is to train students, professionally and personally, for future leadership positions in global environments. Schiller programs demonstrate the competencies students need for professional careers and further academic study.

Schiller International University offers US accredited undergraduate programs in International Relations and Diplomacy and Business Administration, as well as an MBA program. Programs are taught in English and university admission is year-round.

Studying in Madrid is a fantastic opportunity for students seeking an international education to be immersed in one of the world’s top cultural capitals.

Suffolk University, Madrid

Suffolk University was established in 1906, initially as a law school. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, this private university operates three international campuses, including one in Madrid. The Madrid campus was created with a liberal arts perspective and management style to education. Programs offered include art history, computer science, English, government, business, communication, history, science, sociology and Spanish.

Students can complete up to two years of study in Madrid before moving to the main campus in Boston or transferring to another American university to complete their degree.

European University of Madrid

The European University of Madrid was established in 1995 and is a private university with two campuses in Madrid, one in Villaviciosa de Odón and a new one in Alcobendas. The university currently has 12,500 students from over 60 countries.

One of the many advantages this university offers is the option of gaining dual degrees at universities worldwide. The European University offers a range of bachelor programs, as well as master’s and doctorate degrees. The teaching is student-focused and constantly updated to be relevant to a developing global environment.

Saint Louis University, Madrid

Saint Louis University-Madrid, is the Spanish branch of Saint Louis University in Missouri. Established in 1818, SLU is an American Jesuit University. The Madrid campus started in the 1960s as a study abroad program and was officially recognized as a university in 1996. SLU-Madrid offers degree programs in Political Science/International Relations, Spanish Language and Literature, Communication, Business Administration/International Business, English and Economics.

In addition to this, programs are offered in Ibero-American Studies and Business Administration and graduate programs in Spanish and English. SLU-Madrid offers students the chance to complete the first two years of over 85 more majors in Spain.

Málaga Business College, Málaga

Created in 2000, Málaga Business College is situated in the southern Spanish city of Málaga. Part of the Madrid Management Centre, the Business College strives to offer high quality education in areas of Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences. The Málaga Business College provides several BSc degrees along with a Diploma for graduates from the University of London, under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Some of the other courses offered include foundation courses for British university degree programs and the Cambridge International Diploma in Business.

You can find more english speaking schools and universities in Spain at SpainExchange.com.

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  1. I really want to study at any Spanish university. I want an update on any program related to the agricultural field. And if there are scholarship opportunities… I would like to know about that too. Thank you

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    • Dear Fatma, I am an independent admissions advisor for all major Spanish universities that teach in English. My services are free and I will be happy to talk to you. Please write to studialia@outlook.com or WhatsApp at
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        • I would like to finish my undergraduate degree programme in a Spanish university which offer courses in biochemistry in english language.
          I’ll appreciate it if you can connect me with one, preferably in catalonia region where I reside for some years now.
          Your urgent response will be appreciated. Thanks

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    • Dear Luisa, I am an independent admissions advisor for all major Spanish universities that teach in English. My services are free and I will be happy to talk to you. Please write to studialia@outlook.com or WhatsApp at
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