Tips on Applying for Visas to Study or Work in Spain


If you want to study in Spain you can apply for two different kinds of visas: a Youth Mobility Visa or a Student Visa. The mobility visa will also allow you to work.

Youth Mobility Visa

Under the “Youth Mobility Program” Agreement, signed in 2009 between Spain and Canada, every year up to 1000 young Canadians can travel to Spain to study and gain work experience related to their area of expertise or complement their post-secondary training with an internship, whilst learning Spanish, and learning about the Spanish culture and society.

To apply for the Youth Mobility Program, you should:

  1. hold a valid Canadian passport and reside in Canada.
  2. be aged between 18 and 35 years old on the date the application is submitted.
  3. have sufficient resources to purchase a return ticket and support yourself for the first few months.
  4. agree to purchase medical insurance, including hospitalization and repatriation, for the full period of their your authorized stay.

If you qualify and are interested in obtaining a Youth Mobility visa, you can apply at the Embassy of Spain in Ottawa or at the Consulate General of Spain in Toronto or Montreal (depending on where you live).  You’ll need to submit originals and photocopies of the following documents, among others (depending on the visa category, other documents will be required):

  1. Visa application form, filled and signed with a recent full-face photograph.
  2. A valid passport.
  3. Documentation proving resident status in Canada.
  4. Return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase it.
  5. Proof of economic means.
  6. A medical insurance policy.
  7. A RCMP Police Check and a medical certificate is required if the duration of the stay is over six months .
  8. A fee of $150.00 CAD.
  9. Proof of registration in a post-secondary institution in Canada and proof of acceptance by a Spanish institution or an offer of casual employment.
  10. A NIE (Foreigners’ Identification Number). Applications for a NIE will be done at the same time as the visa application is submitted.

Student Visa

If you want to study in Spain for over three months, you must request a visa and submit photocopies AND originals of the following documents:

  1. A valid passport or travel document recognized by Spain with a minimum validity of the intended stay in Spain.
  2. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you must provide documentation proving your residence status in Canada (permanent residence permit, working permit, study permit, etc.)
  3. Confirmation of school registration – Letter issued by the academic institution in Spain or by both academic institutions.
  4. Overseas medical insurance.
  5. Proof of accommodation: Hotel reservation or confirmation letter from the academic institution with details of your accommodation arrangement.
  6. Proof of finances: bank statements, scholarships, etc.
  7. If the duration of the stay is over six months, a medical certificate issued by your family doctor.
  8. If the duration of the stay is over six months, a Police Check issued by the authorities of all the countries you have lived over the last five years, including Canada.
  9. Flight reservation or travel itinerary.
  10. A completed and signed visa application form with a recent full-face photograph.
  11. Visa fee: CAN $ 83.40 (2017), except when a reciprocity fee applies to other countries, such as Canada and USA. Visa processing fee for Canadians is CAN $125.00.

If you are interested in obtaining a Student visa, you can apply at the Embassy of Spain in Ottawa or at the Consulate General of Spain in Toronto or Montreal (depending on where you live).

This information is not binding and does not alter or replace the relevant regulations, which shall always prevail.

For more information about studying in Spain, check the following websites:

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  1. My daughter is applying to study in Spain for Jan 2018. She has all her documentation and acceptance letters. Does she need to have proof of her accommodations for the entire semester? She was hoping to find an apartment to share once she gets there

    • Hi there, I’m applying for my Youth Visa. Am I able to mail my NIE application in along with my visa or do I have to use a power of attorney to apply in person for my NIE as I live in BC and cannot visit the Toronto consulate

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