Keeping Your Cool While Studying Abroad


How to Make Your Study Abroad Trip as Stress-Free as Your Instagram Makes It Look

Social media sometimes makes it seem like studying abroad is all weekend trips to European cities, quirky food markets and underground bars with your new friends. However, anyone who has studied abroad will tell you that exams, papers and assignments still exist outside of North America.

In fact, the added pressure of adapting to a new curriculum and way of teaching can make the ‘study’ part of studying abroad a little more stressful than necessary. However, stressing about deadlines is not a healthy or productive way to spend your time abroad. To combat this, follow these tips to stay as chilled as you look in the Instagrams of you relaxing on beaches and drinking out of coconuts.

Study in Different Places

Studying does not have to mean sitting in your room wishing you were outside in the sunshine! Find the coziest coffee shop study spot in your city before the semester is out. Or, if you are the type of person who can study outside, please teach us all your secrets and then go find a beach or park so you can study with a view.

Ask For Help

Learning the protocol for a new library, referencing system and submission procedures causes unnecessary stress. Ask your classmates for help navigating the unknown, and you might find yourself making new friends too.

Study on the Go

Studying doesn’t have to get in the way of exploring. Study while you’re on public transport, or on weekend getaways when you’re tucked away in your Airbnb. If you think outside the box, you will find that it is possible to maintain your GPA whilst having the adventure of a lifetime.

Studying abroad will set you apart from your peers, so make the most of this opportunity to develop more than just your academics.

By Megan Brickley

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