Discover the Top Universities in Canada and Across the World for 2024


QS Top Universities have released their world university rankings for 2024. Check out which schools cracked the top 10!

It’s that time of year again! QS Top Universities has released their rankings for the top schools in the world! These rankings are based on a variety of criteria, such as sustainability, employment outcomes, and international research network. Since QS Top Universities ranks schools from all over the world, we’ll take a closer look at which Canadian schools have made their way onto the list before viewing the global list.

So, don’t wait any further! Find out which universities are the best for 2024:

Top universities in Canada

Let’s start by looking at the top Canadian universities for 2024!

School Rank in Canada list Rank in global list
University of Toronto 1 21
McGill University 2 30
University of British Columbia 3 34
University of Alberta 4 111
University of Waterloo 5 112
Western University 6 114
Université de Montréal 7 141
University of Calgary 8 182
McMaster University 9 189
University of Ottawa 10 203


Top universities in the world

Now let’s move on to which universities from around the world have made it into the top 10 spots! These schools are the best of the best from 1,500 universities across 104 locations.

School Ranking
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1
University of Cambridge 2
University of Oxford 3
Harvard University 4
Stanford University 5
Imperial College London 6
ETH Zurich 7
National University of Singapore 8
University College London 9
University of California, Berkeley 10


Want to know how QS Top Universities makes their decisions on which universities are the best of the best? Check out their ranking methodology.

Rankings are a great way to help you discover university options that you may not have thought of before. Just keep in mind that there’s more to a school than their rankings. Rankings are a great source for your initial search, but you should also consider factors like tuition costs, residence, co-op options, campus size, program availability, and more!

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