Five Reasons to Study in Italy


Italy has so much to offer that it’s hard to know where to start! Gorgeous beaches, incredible history, outstanding fashion, mind-blowing food are only a few of the things you can look forward to in Italy. Some of the most popular cities in Italy include Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice – each culturally unique from the other and not to be missed when visiting. In case you need any convincing, here are five reasons to study in Italy…

  1. There are more benefits to learning a language than you thought! Italian is not only a beautiful language but also studies show that learning a new language increases analytical thinking skills and even helps fight the onset of Alzheimers—you can’t really outdo those results!
  2. Art will surround you – whether you’re visiting a museum, walking the streets, or in a piazza, you’ll be surrounded by stunning artwork.
  3. The food and wine will make you weep– with joy. Imagine fresh pasta, carefully prepared tomato sauces, flavored with fresh basil, and topped with the finest cheeses—then served with a locally made wine… Perfecto!
  4. Italy’s location in the Mediterranean gives it some of the best weather in all of Europe. Temperatures are usually warm and the sky blue year-round. Even if you’re inside studying, you can easily boost your mood and energy by taking a quick walk down the sunny Italian streets.
  5. Many of the buildings, statues, and structures in Italy have an impressive history. Visiting sites like the Coliseum in Rome or the city of Pompeii are mind-blowing experiences that you’ll likely carry with you everywhere.

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