Looking to study in Germany? Which city should you choose:


You want to study in Germany but are not sure which city, or even which region to choose?

In Germany, there are top-notch universities in almost every city, and a wide choice of different environments to choose from? Whether you prefer a large cosmopolitan city like Frankfurt, or a more peaceful, rural location like Iserlohn in Sauerland, Germany has it all!  Read on to help you find the perfect city for your studies.

Check out the Study in Germany website to learn more about the most popular student cities from A to Z. Each city is introduced by an international student who is living there, who will give you first-hand feedback on their experiences studying and living in Germany. You probably know our capital Berlin, the dynamic, bustling city which never sleeps, but have you heard, for example, of Oestrich-Winkel, Heidelberg or Deggendorf? These beautiful, interesting, and unique cities are waiting for you to explore. We’re pretty sure you will have a great time in Germany and benefit from the experience of studying in Germany, no matter which place you choose.

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  1. Germany offers a diverse range of top-notch universities spread across various cities, catering to different preferences and environments. Whether you seek the vibrancy of a large cosmopolitan city or the tranquility of a rural location, Germany has options to suit your needs

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