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Are you looking for a unique international study experience in one of Europe’s leading academic research environments? Then look no further – the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is here to provide you with the information you need about finding, securing, and financing your academic stay in Germany.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the largest funding organization in the world supporting the international exchange of students and scholars. Since it was founded in 1925, DAAD has been funding and facilitating international academic exchange between Germany and the rest of the world. Financially assisting about 74,000 German and foreign scholars annually, DAAD may help you realize your dream of studying abroad in Germany! The DAAD itself does not offer programs of study or courses, but awards competitive, merit-based grants for studying and/or doing research in Germany at any of the accredited German institutions of higher education. For more information about DAAD scholarships available to students at Canadian universities, visit: www.daad.org

The DAAD supports the internationalization of German universities, promotes German studies and the German language abroad, assists developing countries in establishing effective universities and advises decision makers on matters of cultural, education and development policy.

The DAAD Information Centre Toronto: Providing Information and Guidance to Students in Canada

The DAAD Information Centre in Toronto is your primary resource for information about study and research opportunities in Germany. Every day, students from across Canada contact us with questions about how to find the perfect study program in Germany, and how to set their study abroad experience in motion!

An important part of our work is participating in Canada’s most important education fairs and conferences.

Does your university have an annual international fair?

Let us know – we can send informational brochures to your university’s international office. We may even be able to connect your school with one of our DAAD Young Ambassadors located throughout the country.

For information and updates, visit our webpage: www.daad.org/canada

Why study in Germany?

Germany is an exciting travel and research destination! With centuries of colourful history, a diverse and multicultural student population, and some of the most well-known and acclaimed academic institutions in the world, Germany is sure to offer an academic program that suits your personal and professional needs.

“My exchange to Germany allowed me to see that there is only so much you can learn from a textbook, making it by far the most “educational” experience of my university career… I learned about German customs and culture (and in turn became more aware of my own Canadian culture), the German language, history, teaching, architecture, the arts, my family history and about myself.” Ashley Gyarmati

Did you know that…

  • … German is the most widely-spoken language of the European Union?
  • … Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the third-largest in the world?
  • … Germany has more than 370 universities and more than 12,000 Bachelor and Master’s degree programs?
  • … in Germany there are currently more than 250,000 international students?
  • … Germany is ranked 3rd worldwide for the number of books published?
  • … Germany has a rich cultural scene, with about 120 opera houses, more than 350 theatres, and more than four thousand public museums?

German isn’t only an important language for international business and economics, but also one of the most important languages for academic and cultural affairs, too.

Did you know that Germany offers about a thousand degree programs taught either partially or completely in English?

It’s true! International Degree Programs (IDPs) are widely-recognized Bachelor, Master, and doctoral degrees, with internationalized curricula, accreditation, and a professional support network for students. German universities have very low tuition fees – even for international students – and offer high-quality academic standards and a world-class learning environment.
To review a database of hundreds of International Degree Programs (IDPs) currently offered in Germany, visit: www.daad.de/idp


Unique summer internship opportunities for young scientists and engineers

Would you like to gain career-building, hands-on experience abroad? How about getting a head start on developing important professional relationships for lifelong networking with an international community of scholars and researchers?

A dynamic, international internship might be the CV booster you need!

The German Academic Exchange Service’s RISE and RISE Professional programs have established themselves as outstanding opportunities to combine serious research with a rewarding study-abroad experience. The programs are targeted to students from the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences (geology) and related disciplines.

RISE offers unique opportunities for undergraduate students to work with research groups at universities and top research institutions across Germany for a period of two to three months during the summer. Students are paired with German PhD students in a unique mentoring partnership to ensure immediate integration into hands-on lab work and a built-in social network with an excellent opportunity to develop new technical skills. Most RISE participants receive a scholarship to cover living expenses. For more information, visit: www.daad.de/rise/en/

RISE Professional is designed for recent graduates, Master’s and PhD students, and alumni of the RISE program who are matched with a well-known German company, where they gain insight into the professional applications of science and engineering, and develop practical skills. Internships can last from one-and-a-half to six months. Similar to RISE, this program features a scholarship to cover living expenses. To learn more about RISE Professional, please visit: www.daad.de/rise-pro/en


Studying in Germany: A Life-Changing Opportunity

“An exchange is enriching in so many ways… Having the chance to get in touch with different cultures and historical backgrounds was a very important aspect of my experience,” says Concordia University student and DAAD Young Ambassador Jeanne-Renée Lorrain. “I feel like no matter how old you are or at what point in your life you are at, an exchange will definitely open your eyes to some new landscapes and make you grow on a personal level.” Like Jeanne-Renée, there are many Canadian students who have studied in Germany and are happy to share their experiences.

The DAAD Young Ambassadors are undergraduate students from North America who have recently studied in Germany and are interested in promoting study in Germany at their home universities and campuses. Young Ambassadors help inspire their fellow students to study in Germany by working with their universities’ study abroad offices, volunteering at study abroad fairs, answering questions from students, and organizing their own events on campus.

Jeanne-Renée is just one of many Canadian students who have enjoyed a rewarding academic experience in Germany. “I chose Munich because I wanted to learn German and about German culture in a bigger city that would still offer a ‘traditional’ setting,” says University of British Columbia student and DAAD Young Ambassador Isabelle Plessis. “I absolutely fell in love with Munich, with pretzels, with the European lifestyle, and with Germany!” Over the past semester, Isabelle has been active around the UBC campus promoting Germany as a study destination and telling her peers about her experience. “In Munich, I studied political science and history, completed an internship at an environmental humanities think tank, worked as a research assistant on a European integration research project, and took private voice lessons with a singer of the Bavarian State Opera,” says Plessis. “On top of these exciting opportunities, I also snowboarded in the Alps, went to music festivals, travelled throughout Germany and western Europe, met amazing people, and took advantage of Munich’s unreal traditions, heritage, and of course, beer culture.”

“This exchange has given me the opportunity to discover other points of view and ways to work. Not only have I discovered a culture, I have also been in touch with a totally different way to teach, view school, and be a student. It has enlarged my vision of studying, and of what a University can offer as a cultural Institution.” Jeanne-Renée Lorrain

McGill University student Tyler Manning-Dahan – who participated in a RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) internship at the Technische Universität Dortmund with the assistance of a DAAD scholarship – says that “learning from the German culture as well as many other different cultures proved to be more rewarding than I could ever have anticipated.” Tyler’s unique internship experience allowed him to work alongside German students in a great team-building atmosphere over the course of the summer, without taking time off from his busy Electrical Engineering degree at McGill. “There is so much history and a rich tapestry of world culture to be found in Germany,” claims Tyler. “I recommend the experience to everyone.”

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to have an international academic experience of your own – speak to someone at your university’s international office or a DAAD Young Ambassador today!

To find a DAAD Young Ambassador that lives in your area, please visit: www.daad.org/YA2012

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