Five Great Reasons to take a Language Travel Program


While deciding your next step in education, consider the option of language travel! Pick an incredible place to travel to and learn a language abroad. The possibilities are endless – study French in France, Spanish in Spain or Chinese in Hong Kong – The sky is the limit! Learning a language abroad can be the greatest opportunity for your future and here’s why…

Add value to your education while seeing the world!

Learning a language abroad can be a huge asset to your education and it can be a launching platform for incredible travel! Explore more of a country by being able to communicate with the locals who will not only help you learn the language, but provide you with a better understanding of how and why certain parts of the language are used. Using the language daily will allow you to learn faster and retain more.

Learning a language is great for your mental health!

Learning a language is proven to increase your problem-solving skills and even wards off the early effects of Alzheimer’s disease. You’ll also learn how the language is formed, its history, and grammar – making it even easier for the next language you choose to learn. Finally, being able to communicate in multiple languages makes you so versatile and will impress your friends!

Your friends will think you’re amazing!

Of course you already are – but learning a language abroad will set you apart from your peers. Imagine shopping while you’re travelling and being able to communicate in the local language. Your friends will notice, your peers will notice, and your future employer will be wowed! Not that it’s a competition, but really, it is.

Employers will love you!

In this globalized world, it is becoming more and more essential to be able to communicate in multiple languages. Having a second, or third language looks great on your resumé and will differentiate you from other candidates with the same educational background. Also, travelling and living abroad proves to your future employer that you are adaptable, flexible, and not afraid of a challenge. Your time abroad will make you stand out from the rest!

Make that Gap Year count!

Traveling is just fabulous! Studying a language in your ‘time out’ will add lasting purpose to your detour. Language travel is a great way to ensure that your time is well used and you won’t have any holes in your resumé. In class you’ll be able to make like-minded friends and gain travel companions. Enjoy a boost of confidence, and open your mind to new experiences that you would not have got if you had just stayed home. Plus you’ll feel like you’ve really accomplished something by the end of it!

Now, it’s time to start planning that trip – and the learning experience that comes with it. Enjoy the opportunity to hear, read, and use a language as it comes to life right in front of you. So take that leap, you’ll be happy you did!

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