Use Social Media to Boost Your Career


Social media is fun. We all know that.

From sharing cat videos with your friends to catching up with loved ones across the globe, the power to quickly and easily communicate with those around you using platforms like Facebook can’t be denied.

But what most don’t realize is that these websites can be more than your entertainment—they could lead to your dream job! Here’s how LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can bring you one step closer to getting the gig you’ve always wanted.


LinkedIn allows you to directly share your professional journey with people you’ve worked with, industry professionals, and high-achieving influencers. It’s one of the easiest ways to build connections that you know will benefit your career. Use these tips to make them happen!

Choose a Great Cover Photo
Consider yourself an amateur photographer? Upload a photo you’ve taken as your cover photo. Want to show off a visual project you’ve worked on? Same idea – your cover photo is the first thing that a connection will see when visiting your profile and a good way to make a solid first impression.

Write An Interesting Summary
Express yourself! Talk about your hobbies, what sets you apart in your field and why you’re so passionate about what you do. This is the chance to show employers that you’ve got a great personality that will fit right into their company culture—don’t waste it.

Use Your InMail
Don’t be afraid to be bold! Let those prospective employers know what you’re all about. Use InMail as a stepping stone to ask someone out for a coffee or beverage of choice to pick their brain. Most people who are experts in their fields are more than happy to share their knowledge with others who share their interests.

Pitch to Your Idols
You can even prepare a fun elevator pitch for those you’d like to get to know better. Found someone who’s done a project or lead a team that you’re interested in knowing more about? Introduce yourself, ask them thoughtful questions, and show them an example of your work in their field—in other words, set up a great discussion they won’t be able to refuse!


As the unofficial townhall of the internet, Twitter allows you to immediately impress people with how you communicate, tweet by tweet. It’s an amazing chance to open up a public discussion on topics you’re deeply interested in with professionals who you admire. This, is how to take advantage of this openness!

Use the Right Hashtag
Do a bit of sleuthing—what hashtags are thought leaders in your industry often using? It’s easy to find the relevant hashtags — whether it’s #ABleg for everything Alberta politics, or #innovation for cutting edge technology. Make sure to include them in your own tweets and put in an little extra effort to craft posts that are clever and eye-catching—you might get noticed!

Follow Your Influencers
Find those influencers and follow, follow, follow! They’re on Twitter for the same reasons that you are—to engage in the global conversation about their passion. So what better way to join the conversation than to tweet to them on their favorite topics? Replying to these leaders and involving them in a discussion can be great way to get on their radar and maybe one day, their team!


You may be surprised to see Facebook as second on the list—it’s the homepage of the internet after all. What Facebook lacks in comparison to Twitter is the ability to centre the conversation around professional topics. You may be an aspiring urban planner joining Twitter to discuss the latest #TTC news but on Facebook, the common denominator is your friends— the people who are more likely to be interested in your relationship status than your professional one. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no place for Facebook in the job hunt. Far from it!

Reach Out and Ask Questions
The key is to approach it the same way you’d approach your real life network of family, friends, and colleagues when looking for work. Do you have any friends currently working in your desired field? A relative from a city teeming with opportunity? Message them and take advantage of your connections. Helping a friend in need makes one a friend indeed.

Believe it or not, social media has the power to pave your way to a new career. There are plenty of innovative and inventive ways to use these platforms to your advantage—it all comes down to planning and effort.

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Anthony Burton is Canada’s leading job board and online career resource for college and university students and recent graduates.

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