Tune Into These Career-Changing Podcasts


While you may not be a podcast nerd, it’s a medium that offers something to everyone.

From podcasts on how to build your own start-up to developing a mentorship relationship, it’s a great way to learn on the go and connect with interesting thinkers from across the globe. No matter where you are in your career or what your professional goals may be, chances are there’s a podcast that offers you the advice you’re looking for! From one of TalentEgg’s own podcast nerds, here are the top five shows about work and the professional life that will help you hatch your career!

1. Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

This podcast features Sophia Amoruso, founder of popular online fashion retailer Nasty Gal and her interviews with successful creators and entrepreneurs. Amoruso, a driven, inspiring business leader who became a millionaire before the age of 30 talks to a diverse range of famous writers, marketers, actresses, entrepreneurs, CEOs, YouTubers, financiers, philanthropists, most of whom are women!

Girlboss Radio is perfect for anyone who has big ambitions and wants to learn from some of the best in their industries. These interviews go beyond offering advice on how to achieve success – listeners can also learn from the candid missteps of successful people who tell you what not to do. Additionally, they provide thought-provoking discussions on how we can move towards gender equality in the workplace.

Our Favourite Episode: Amoruso’s interview with author and essayist Sloane Crosley, who gives sage advice about thinking critically about your words and the effects they may have before publishing them.

2. The YES Effect by Shelli Varela

For those of you who have seemingly impossible dreams, podcast host Shelli Varela will tell you that no dream is unrealizable. Weighing a little over 100 pounds, Varela achieved her dream of becoming a firefighter by embracing the word “YES.” After that experience, she created this podcast to explore the transformational powers of the mind and what our psychology can enable us to do if we tell ourselves, “YES”.

Varela interviews industry leaders, fascinating intellectuals and self-made success stories to identify common patterns in their thought processes. By pinpointing these trends, Varela wants to help listeners work towards their own goals through the power of positive thinking.

Our Favourite Episode: Finding Purpose Off the Beaten Track with Jake Heilbrunn. In this episode, Varela speaks to memoirist Jake Heilbrunn about his decision to leave college and backpack across South America with no phone and little proficiency with Spanish. Listen to this podcast to learn why over-planning can undermine your intuition.

3. How I Built This by NPR

Growing up, did you love the show How It’s Made? NPR’s How I Built This follows a similar trajectory and profiles successful innovators whose products you use daily. Each episode gives you an overview of their process, mistakes, and solutions that turned their big idea into a market-altering invention, especially emphasizing how big ideas can sometimes be found in unexpected places.

This podcast is perfect for budding inventors who want to build their ideas into products that impact the world. Even if you haven’t met the creators of Instagram, Spanx and the Clif Bar yet, you can still learn from them through How I Built This.

Our Favourite Episode: Airbnb: Joe Gebbia. Find out how a stranger gave this CEO the idea that changed the travel and hospitality industry across the globe.

4. Extreme Productivity with Kevin Kruse

Have you become an unwilling master of procrastination? Do you feel that you have tons of great ideas but not enough focus to make them into a reality? If so, definitely tune into Extreme Productivity. This podcast features author and entrepreneur Kevin Kruse’s interviews with Olympians, self-made millionaires, and straight-A students to discover their common habits and offer tips on how to be more productive as individuals and teams.

This podcast is ideal for people who are looking to be more organized and get more out of their days. And true to its name, Extreme Productivity produces short, succinct episodes that really do make the most out of the time they’re given!

Our Favourite Episode: The Cure for Procrastination. Consider this your audio Rx that will fix your Facebook and Twitter-infused procrastination issue.

5. Back to Work by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin

Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin present this excellent program about productivity that delves deep into what constrains your success, how negative psychology prevents you from succeeding and the tools and communication skills that can help you succeed.

While touching on popular subject matter, this podcast has episodes that can last over an hour. It offers a truly in-depth look at a wide variety of topics on professional life including workplace identity, career expectations and mentorship. And an added bonus? Mann and Benjamin’s hilarious off-topic banter and debates.

Our Favourite Episode: The Treasure Room. Mann and Benjamin talk about getting out of your own head and maximizing your success.

Even if it’s only five minutes long, listening to one episode from the shows listed above has the potential to change the direction of your career for the better. Bored on your commute to and from work? Download a podcast for the ride. Looking for inspiration for a challenging new project? Find out how successful individuals tackled obstacles of their own. While professional life isn’t easy, you can always turn to these podcasts for help on how to make things better!

Contributed by:
Lauren Sutherland
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