Travelling Abroad & Expanding Your CV: How to Optimise Travelling for Job Prospects


Travelling abroad develops a lot of “soft skills”: independence, organization and open-mindedness to name a few. Employers value them, and, sometimes, you can even find a company where your experience travelling is directly relevant!

However, there’s always more you can do to show employers how valuable your travels were. You don’t want a gap year to be a literal gap on your resume – you want to show that you’ve grown. Here are a handful of ways to optimize your career prospects whilst still embracing the adventure:

  1. Working
    Show you can juggle work and play by getting a job abroad. Teaching English abroad is a challenging yet rewarding gig – and not just if you’re thinking of working in education! It proves you’ve got commitment and great interpersonal skills, attributes which are essential to almost every career.
  2. Freelancing
    If you’ve got your heart set on a creative industry, consider the possibility of freelancing during your travels. Write, graphic design, or share other skills with clients from around the world.
  3. Hotspots
    Certain countries are hubs for certain industries, and spending time in one of them gives you opportunities to network and shows future employers your enthusiasm for the sector. If you want to go into business or finance, China’s bustling economy is a great choice. Every company is trying to branch into China’s growing economic market – get ahead and go there yourself!
  4. Learning a Language
    Knowing multiple languages looks impressive on a CV, and bilingual people tend to earn more. Travelling is a brilliant opportunity to learn a new language. Before the trip, it’s motivation to learn, and during, it’s easy to pick things up and put a few months of vocab into practice. Immersion is the best way to learn the rules of grammar subconsciously. Our advice? Don’t sweat the small stuff – chat to everyone you meet and be prepared to mime “where’s the washroom?”

But why should you take our word for it?

We think that it’s never too early to start learning from real-life experiences abroad. And it’s never too early to start expanding your resume. That’s why we create educational school and university trips across Europe, the UK and Asia. With The Learning Adventure, you don’t wander aimlessly around museums – you roll your sleeves up with interactive activities that are fully customized to complement your curriculum. Learn Japanese in Japan, embrace once-in-a-lifetime business opportunities in Italy, or dive into the computer science world of London.

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