The Importance Of Communication: What You Need To Know As A Student of Marketing/Management


As a student who is aspiring to be a manager or a business owner, you will most likely be aware of just how important overall communication is to creating an effective organisation. However, what you may not know, is that the definition of communication has evolved over the last decade. Below we’ve broken down what you would ideally need to know if you were to end up in either of those positions.

Importance Of Internal Communication

Internal communication refers to communication within your work team. It’s important to get it right as it will have a big impact on productivity. Communication has been even more crucial during the pandemic as businesses had to move to working remotely. This largely changed the way in which businesses communicated, as communication became purely digital rather than in person.

Since COVID, businesses have had to adapt, and have found new innovative ways to communicate, using the best software available and managerial techniques to get the best out of the team. Examples of internal communication include internal magazines or newsletters, emails or memo updates or meetings.

Importance Of External Communication

External communication is just as important as internal, but for different reasons. This is all about how you and your business communicate with the outside world; including how you talk to consumers and business partners. An effective external communication strategy aims to promote the brand and increase its recognition, while building customers’ trust and gaining their loyalty.

Examples of external communication include marketing, mass emails, social media, events and general advertising. With an increased use of digital communication tools, marketing departments now have more reach.

How To Improve An Organisation’s Communication From A Managerial Perspective

When it comes to managing and getting the best out of your team, it’s important to have effective communication across all levels of the organization. It’s also important that the team gets on, and that everyone feels part of the team. Pre-COVID, organizations would use team-building exercises to build an effective team, and to aid communication and collaboration to move the company forward.

If you empower your employees, they will feel more comfortable communicating with, and contributing to, the team as they will feel valued. Allow them the space to contribute ideas, or discuss any issues they’ve experienced. Listening to your employees will create an open culture.

Learn to be an effective leader from the experts. There is a variety of online courses and digital resources to help you develop leadership and communication skills.

How You Can Improve External Communication

Creating an effective communication strategy for your customers and other business partners is one of the most important things you will do as a business. You need to focus on building a relationship with your consumers, which means you need to think about how to reach these people.

Take some time to think about how your brand is viewed. Your marketing department’s main goal is to ensure your brand has a well-defined voice that resonates with consumers. It’s also important that your employees know what your brand stands for, so that it becomes an integral part of what and how they communicate externally. At the end of the day, it’s your customer base that determines whether your business is a success or not and if you lose their trust, it’s difficult to get it back.

The Price Of Poor Communication

Poor internal communication within an organisation could lead to potential disaster, both in the short and long term. If a team isn’t communicating effectively, then it’s likely that they will be less productive working together. It’s also likely to demotivate staff, which will affect all levels of the organization and could leave to resignations.

Of course, external communication can also have negative effects if mismanaged. While internal communication can be resolved behind closed doors, external communication can be harder to fix as it’s out in the public eye, and the knock on effect can be that loyal customers turn to your competitors.

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