How to write a statement of interest for admission to post-graduate education


When I recently applied to post-graduate college programs, I was required to write a statement of interest.

As my interest for the program was obvious due to my application, I really didn’t know where to start.

Writing a statement of interest is a lot like writing a cover letter.  There is no standard formula for success.

Here are some tips for writing a good statement of interest:

  • Express your knowledge about the program
  • Include information about past education, work or volunteer experiences that relate to the program you are applying for
  • Describe your strengths as they relate to the program
  • Edit and re-edit: a well-written statement is as important as the content, make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors

If you are applying for a university graduate program:

  • List any awards you received during your undergraduate degree
  • Explain research areas you are interested in pursuing
  • If you have lower grades that require explanation, you can do so in your statement of interest

If you are applying for a college post-graduate program:

  • Express your knowledge and interest about the career field that the program leads to

Listing everything above could be too overwhelming. Focus on your strengths, why you will be successful in the program and why the program you are applying for excites you.

Like a cover letter, it’s easy to decipher a well thought-out and edited statement of interest from a quickly written statement of interest.  Focus on your strengths and most importantly, make sure your statement reflects your sincere interest and understanding of the program you are applying to.

By Nicole Wray,

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