What are the Top Universities in Canada and Around the World in 2024?


QS Top Universities has recently released their 2024 world rankings. Find out where Canada stands and what schools made the top 10.

It’s that time of year again! QS Top Universities has released their rankings for 2024’s top universities in the world! This year, QS has implemented their largest-ever methodology for how they rank schools, with the new metrics of sustainability, employment outcomes, and international research network.

Explore what each university is ranked on:

  • Academic reputation: which universities are performing world-class research
  • Employer reputation: which universities are best at producing relevant, career-ready graduates
  • Faculty to student ratio: the more academic staff available to students, the better their education should be
  • Citations per faculty: measure of the relative intensity and volume of research being done at an institute
  • International faculty ratio: if an institute is attracting enough international faculty, it benefits the research, teaching diversity, and collaboration
  • International student ratio: a sizeable international student population has benefits for networking, cultural exchanges, and a greater diverse learning community
  • International research network: how internationally connected an institution’s research is as well as recognizing the importance of collaborative research
  • Employment outcomes: reflects the ability of institutions to ensure a high level of employability for their graduates
  • Sustainability: reflects the effort each university is putting in to drive change towards a more environmentally-friendly future

So, let’s find out which universities in Canada and around the world have made it into the top rankings:

Top 10 Canadian universities

Find out which Canadian universities made the list and where they rank:

School Province World Ranking
University of Toronto Ontario 21
McGill University Quebec 30
University of British Columbia British Columbia 34
University of Alberta Alberta 111
University of Waterloo Ontario 112
Western University Ontario 114
Université de Montréal Quebec 141
University of Calgary Alberta 182
McMaster University Ontario 189
University of Ottawa Ontario 203

Top 10 universities in the world

You saw the top universities in Canada, now it’s time to find out which schools made the top 10 in the world:

School Country World Ranking
Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States 1
University of Cambridge United Kingdom 2
University of Oxford United Kingdom 3
Harvard University United States 4
Stanford University United States 5
Imperial College London United Kingdom 6
ETH Zurich Switzerland 7
National University of Singapore Singapore 8
University College London United Kingdom 9
University of California, Berkeley United States 10


What’s different from last year? The University of Toronto and McGill University have switched places for the top spot, and the Université de Montréal has risen in ranks past McMaster University and the University of Waterloo. MIT has also secured the top spot for its twelfth year, and the University of Oxford climbs one position.

While rankings are a great way to get a sense of which schools are excelling in certain areas, there’s more to a school than just its position in a list. Make sure you’re considering schools that excel in areas that aren’t ranked but are just as important to you. This could be the size of campus, location, program availability, co-ops, and more!

Check out the full QS World University Rankings for 2024

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  3. In 2024, some of the top universities in Canada and around the world may include:

    1. University of Toronto
    2. University of British Columbia
    3. McGill University
    4. University of Alberta
    5. University of Waterloo

    1. Harvard University (USA)
    2. Stanford University (USA)
    3. University of Oxford (UK)
    4. Cambridge University (UK)
    5. University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

    The selection of these top universities is based on criteria such as the quality of teaching, research, faculty and research opportunities for students. However, this rating is subject to change over time and other factors.

  4. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, United States, secured the top spot with a flawless overall score of 100 for the 12th consecutive year.

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