Top Travel Do’s and Don’ts


Travelling can be a wonderful experience for anyone. Seeing the world outside of your everyday life is a valuable adventure. This experience can broaden your horizons and make you feel incredibly liberated. As they say, life is about the journey, not the destination. So, follow these easy travel do’s and don’ts to have the best journey possible!

DO your research

When going to a new country, learning as much as possible before taking off is crucial and will make your experience that much more enjoyable! Learn the language (or at least some essential phrases). Remember, you’re entering someone else’s country, so don’t expect locals to always speak your language! Learn about the currency and exchange rates to make it easier to monitor your spending. Learn about the local culture and customs – oftentimes something that’s considered normal in your own country may be considered offensive in another. Research the area you’re going to be staying in – is it safe to go out at night? Are there beaches or shopping near you? It’s always better to do your research in the comfort of your own home, rather than out in an unfamiliar space.

DON’T leave packing to the last minute

Give yourself ample time to pack, do laundry, and plan your outfits. Nine times out of ten you can avoid forgetting things by simply allowing yourself time to think about exactly what you need! Avoid randomly tossing things in your suitcase an hour before you leave – you’re going to either overpack or forget things!

Do you really need to pack your flat iron and 5 pairs of shoes? Keep it light – it’ll be easier to travel this way, trust us! Pack only essentials, some dressy clothes in case you go out for a fancy evening, and some warm clothes for colder weather. Plan out what you’re going to be wearing each day so you don’t overpack clothes. Find out if your hotel has a washer and dryer where you may be able to wash clothes mid-trip too!

DO ensure your own safety when in a dangerous country

Pickpockets? Gangs? Scammers? Learn to avoid dangerous situations in foreign countries where criminals prey on tourists:

  1. Do not carry large sums of cash on you
  2. Avoid walking at night, or in secluded areas
  3. Always park in a well-lit area
  4. Avoid carrying valuables in plain sight
  5. Use your hotel safe (and don’t forget the passcode!)

DON’T drink local water if it’s not safe

There’s nothing worse than getting sick on the trip of a lifetime because you drank untreated water. Do your research before going – ask tour guides if the water is safe to drink and, if not, only drink bottled water. Also, keep in mind that food may be washed in or cooked with local tap water too. If you do happen to get sick, make sure to pack some anti-nausea and digestion medication.

DO travel to new places

Do your best to go somewhere new each time you travel. Instead of spending all your time on the beach at your tropical resort, go see the city, visit museums, take a bus tour or interact with locals. These are easy ways to get the most out of your vacation experience and to learn something new!

DON’T succumb to jet-lag

Try to normalize your sleep schedule as soon as you arrive at your destination – don’t waste your trip by going to bed at 7 pm every night- you could miss out on valuable nightlife and vacation time. Even if it means walking around like a zombie for a few hours, it’ll be worth it!

DO be friendly to people you meet

From flight attendants to hotel agents, simply being nice to someone can make someone’s day and can end up being rewarding to you. Genuine kindness can take you far and even result in some rewards for you (premium class seat upgrades, I’m looking at you).

DON’T allow yourself to be pushed around by salespeople

In foreign countries, local street and market vendors can be ruthless in trying to make the sale. They will yell and some will even go so far as to grab you in order to attract your attention to their products. Do not allow them to guilt you into buying their goods and know that it’s completely fine to firmly say no and walk away.

DO photocopy your passport and visa papers

Losing your passport in a foreign country can be one of the most inconvenient and dangerous things that can happen to you. Having a copy of your passport and papers can save time and effort in case something happens to your identification. Always keep a photocopy of your passport as identification if you don’t want to carry around your real passport.

If you stay smart and safe during your trip, you will definitely have a wonderful and enriching travel experience! Good luck and make the most of your trip!

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