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Five Reasons Why Traveling Is The Best Education


You probably will agree that even with teachers, textbooks, and supportive fellow students, classroom education is never enough. The real stuff is learned out there. If you want to learn effectively, therefore, you will have to travel the world and discover the things that matter. Every day spent on the road or in a faraway destination is a learning opportunity. Whether you are vacationing on Miami’s sandy beaches, strolling through the streets of Cape Town, or hiking the Andes Mountains, you will always find something new to learn.

Traveling is the easiest escape route from the little spaces you are accustomed to. It is the perfect chance to leave home and see the word. It allows you to broaden your intellectual capacity, interact with new cultures, and get new spiritual education right from its custodians. Seeing and interacting with these experiences first hand will always be more valuable than studying about them in a classroom.

Take, for example, an educational trip to London. You will have a chance to visit Shakespeare’s Globe and see a live performance of a Shakespeare play. Without a doubt, retracing the footsteps of England’s greatest poet is the best way of learning about his works. And if you are on a free walking tour in London, you can always visit the museum and learn firsthand the history of Shakespeare’s lifetime.

Another reason to visit London for educational purposes is to see the British Museum. It is open every day and you won’t be charged a dime to enter. If you take a fully guided tour of the museum, you will have a chance to view special exhibitions and witness unique events that are both educational and exciting. And, speaking of exhibitions, London is home to The Crystal, the largest exhibition of city planning and how metropolitan areas will/should look in the future. If you are a design student, a visit here will give you valuable insights into how technology will affect future cities, particularly architecturally.

There are endless reasons why you should take an educational tour in London and Europe. Here are five proven educational benefits that you’ll accrue by simply traveling around the world.

1. Learning new languages

When you travel abroad, your chance of learning a new language increases significantly. The urge to interact with the locals in their mother tongue will be too compelling to ignore. If you are a linguistics student, you will be able to tap into the language potential that other traveling students bring. You will make new friends from across the world, which means that you will always have someone to help you test and practice your second language proficiency.

2. Exploring cultural differences

The social expectations of different cultures, their cuisines, their political views, and their mannerisms are in most cases different. Exploring these differences opens your mind up and helps you see education from a better perspective. Emotive topics such as racism, slavery, gender violence, civil uprisings, and colonialism are rarely taught in the classroom and when they are taught, most curriculums are biased depending on who developed them. When you listen to stories about such topics from the real victims, your knowledge broadens significantly.

3. Getting a close touch of history

As mentioned above, most curriculums are skewed towards the emphasis of the education system that developed them. At high school, you might have learned about Canadian and European history, but you might know very little about Asia and Africa. The only way of getting a close look at world history and to see it from a different perspective, is through traveling and meeting local people in their natural settings.

4. Gaining better classroom experience

If you take a short-term educational trip with your school/university, you’ll have more chance to  interact with your teachers than when confined in four-walled classrooms. The combination of interaction with your teacher, and with locals in a foreign environment makes for a really cool experiential learning experience, and paves the way for a deeper understanding of the subject when you return to the classroom.

5. Traveling is also a skill

When traveling, you will become more independent.  You’ll learn how to pack light, how to live on a budget, how to take good care of your hygiene and health away from home, and how to improvise on different comfort areas. The simple act of keeping your travel plan together is educational in and by itself.


There is no denying that traveling has a positive impact on anyone’s educational journey. If you are a student, you should always aspire to travel the world and really experience everything you have been taught in class. Why not opt to take an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a university overseas? You won’t regret the decision.

Contributed by:
Miranda Mirany

Miranda is an English student graduate. She has a big passion for traveling, and choosing to travel was one of her best decisions. She believes that she can change the world for the better. She works really hard to help people and she is always available for those in need.

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