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Studying abroad is an exciting – even transformative – experience, and definitely something worth considering. With some 3,000 institutions to select from, the United States has one of the most vibrant and varied selections of colleges and universities in the world. There are world-class private colleges and universities; large research-intensive public universities; and, of course, prestigious liberal arts colleges nestled in beautiful pastoral college towns. With so many choices, it is easy to tailor your studies in the United States to the geographic and educational experience that will suit you.

So, we’ve agreed that the United States is a great choice for you and that study abroad is a great opportunity. What is your next step?

Go to your university’s Study Abroad office and discuss your options. A reciprocal exchange agreement between your home school and your study abroad institution will normally allow you to pay your home school’s tuition fees while you study abroad for one or two semesters.

Once you decide to study abroad in the United States, apply for a Killam Fellowship. Visit the Killam Fellowships Program website
and find out if your university is a partner institution. If your Canadian university is a Killam partner, the American partner universities are available for reciprocal exchange, and you will apply through the direct partnerships program. If your university is not a partner, you can still apply through the open competition, although you may have to pay the U.S. university’s tuition and fees. The internal deadlines for partner institutions range from early December through mid-January.

The Killam award includes a $5,000 award per semester, a three-day orientation in Ottawa, a three-day spring seminar in Washington, D.C., a $500 health insurance allowance, and an $800 in-country mobility grant (travel within the United States).

Still need a reason to apply for a Killam Fellowship? Hear what these alumni have to say:

“The Killam Fellowships Program was definitely a life-changing experience for me. It provided me with an outstanding educational experience, which las led me to grow and learn more in this short amount of time than in the culmination of my undergraduate degree. Through this opportunity, I have become a part of a network of incredible individuals and lifelong friends.”
Elli Hanson, 2012-13 Killam Fellow from University of Alberta to University of Southern California

“The Killam Fellowships Program was an incredible experience that pushed me both personally and academically. I now have a network that extends throughout Canada and the United States. The independence and challenges of studying abroad ensured that each day offered a new learning experience. This program is the main reason I will pursue my Master’s degree abroad.”
Christian Norton, 2014-15 Killam Fellow from University of Prince Edward Island to Clemson University

“The most valuable thing to me during the fall orientation was meeting some of the Fulbright scholars and learning more about migration, social determinants of health, and indigenous communities. Talking to them enriched my own ideas of different issues and got me even more excited about the things that I study.”
Samhita Misra, 2014-15 Killam Fellow from McMaster University to State University of New York, Plattsburgh

“The Killam Program helped me to see this experience as a truly immersive cultural experience, and to learn from and appreciate all the different viewpoints we each bring to the table based on our own distinct backgrounds.”
Helia Safaee, 2014-15 Killam Fellow from University of Toronto to Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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