10 Reasons to Study in the USA

  1. World class institutes – America consistently holds the top spots for the best universities in the world, which says a lot about the quality of post-secondary education. Those who study at American universities will be happy to know that their credentials will be universally recognized.
  2. International opportunities – The USA is home to many different kinds of people from all over the world. As a result of the winning combination of a diverse population, the best brains in the world, high quality institutes and being home to the world’s biggest metropolises, the USA may be your launch pad to an international career.
  3. Easy transition from Canadian culture – Though cultural differences do exist between America and Canada, there are many similarities: political structure, approaches to teaching, and the respect of freedom are some of things we have in common. As a result, Canadians do not have many barriers to integrating comfortably into American society.
  4. Diverse society – America is home to people of every country. The well mixed society will allow you to integrate into American society.
  5. Support for international students – The US is home to the world’s largest number of international students, and to support this population, there are many resources in place that make studying in the USA as easy as possible.
  6. Conversational, broad-based education – The American curriculum emphasizes that students be well-rounded individuals so that they can learn life skills that are applicable to many professions and situations.
  7. Wide variety of programs to study – Due to the sheer number of people and post secondary institutes in America, no other country can rival the USA in the diversity of the programs it offers. If you are looking to study something very specific, chances are there is a school that offers that program in the USA.
  8. Unique culture – The “American Dream” is a popular ideal in many countries, and the USA is the only place where you can try your best and reach it.
  9. Flexible study programs – It is common that students enroll in community colleges for 2-3 years before transferring into a nationally ranked university, so they have time to discover and explore the topic of their choice. The result is a very flexible, accommodating degree that you can customize to suit your interests.
  10. Be highly sought after by employers – According to universitiesintheusa.com, “More than 50% of undergraduates from American private universities immediately pursue postgraduate education, while 98% of the remainder secure positions in their chosen careers within six months of graduation.” Obtaining an American degree is a signal to employers that you are a worthy candidate for their company.

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  2. We know that USA got very good Educational institutes. But in the latest year, the percentage of getting employment have gone down and it is very hard for students to secure a career than in Australia.
    And now Australia have got way good educational institutes in the recent years and getting employment is much easier than that of USA.
    What do you say on that?

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