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Why Erasmus Friendships are Meant to be


The Erasmus impact study which was published by the European Commission in 2014, revealed that a lot of students participating in the popular European educational exchange program met their long-term partner while studying abroad – and that people who met during this magical time are more likely to have transnational relationships.

But does this fact also turn out to be true for friendships? Did all the magic fade away after everyone got back to his/her home environment or is this special “study-year-abroad” bond meant to last forever? Find out why you are going to survive the after-university-welcome-to-real-life-shock with your Erasmus friends in the following article, and become  BFF’s for real:

You were all in the same boat…

You were all living abroad for the first time in your life, not knowing anyone when you arrived at the student dorm and sharing the same worries and expectations: Will my Erasmus money last until the end of the month? What if I don’t pass the exam? When will the Italians throw the next party? Yes, that unavoidably brings you closer together.

Birds of a feather flock together

You studied together, thus knowing the others’ strengths, weaknesses, interests and working style. In your adult life, you are more likely to talk about things related to your professional career with your ex-fellow students than to your friends who may be working in other areas and may not know you that well when it comes to your professional expertise.

Who you gonna call?

Secrets and post-university challenges can easily be shared with your Erasmus friends, due to the fact that in most cases neither your colleagues, nor your family or friends at home know that Erasmus friend you met a long, long time ago when studying abroad – and they are unlikely to ever bump into each other in the supermarket…

Forever young

Taking a trip back to the city you studied in will somehow work like a time machine. However, be aware that “traveling back in time” may only work if you are accompanied by one or more of your Erasmus friends …otherwise no one will ever understand why you have to go to a certain burger place at 2am (WARNING: Dear Post-Erasmus student, if you are no longer used to eating fast-food in the middle of the night, your metabolic process may have slowed down in the last few years. A moment on the lips ..  a lifetime on the hips .. just sayin’)

Hey ho, let’s go

It’s always good to know that there is someone you can visit occasionally, every time you are in desperate need of a trip abroad.

Contributed by: Eva-Maria Zehentner

Eva-Maria is a passionate and experienced worldtraveler. After having lived, studied and worked abroad for a couple of years (Sweden, Singapore, Chile), it became her hobby to write about her experiences and impressions she gathered during the course of time. Feel free to visit her blog:

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