Ways to Stay Fit as a First-Year Student


Becoming a first-year student is a fun new experience. Newly-reached independence and practically no supervision do sound quite appealing; however many students discover that they suddenly can’t seem to find the right way to deal with them.

Pancakes with maple syrup for dinner and ice cream for breakfast sound like living the dream. And the fact that there’s no one to tell you “no” increases the appeal of the situation. But after a while of leading such a lifestyle, every bad decision you’ve made will come back to bite you in the behind. So, how can a first-year deal with all of this responsibly, enjoy the new freedom and embrace all of the new experiences, while still staying fit? Here are some tips.

Organization is key

First-year uni students can often feel like they have all the time in the world, without actually having enough time to achieve anything. That’s usually because most of them don’t really know how to organize their time properly and – whether they like to admit it or not – they actually do miss structure. This overwhelming feeling can easily increase stress levels and boost anxiety. Increased stress levels can cause some serious issues – from eating to sleep disorders, to. By creating a workout routine for yourself and bringing some structure back into your life, you’ll notice some serious benefits.

Seek out good fitness opportunities

Just like with everything else in life, you have to seek out good things if you want them to come your way. The same goes for fitness opportunities, especially for first-year students. Since you’ll find yourself in an entirely new environment, finding the right place and time to work out can seem a bit intimidating. But once you actually begin your search, you’ll start noticing all the opportunities you might have otherwise missed out on. Make sure you have the right gear to work out in – footwear is especially important.  You don’t want to experience chronic and uncomfortable foot pain,especially if you are out hiking or running.

Treat it as “me” time

Again, with all the free time you suddenly have at your disposal, you can easily forget just how important it is to have some real “me time’. That’s why you shouldn’t treat your fitness efforts as just another chore, but consider it valuable “me time’ instead. Use the time you spend working out to set your priorities straight and do some soul searching. This may sound a bit too cliché, but you’ll see just how much you will benefit from it in the long run.

Don’t be intimidated by new experiences

You might have had a workout routine back home, and be able to continue with it.  Or, this may not be the case. Why not try a new fitness plan. University is all about trying new things and expanding your horizons. So, why would you limit your opportunities to grow? Try out new things and new forms of exercise and always keep an open mind. Who knows? You may end up liking your new routine even more than your previous one.

Let go of your FOMO

Finally, since there’s always some party, group activity, project or hangout going on, you may end up experiencing some serious FOMO. How can you possibly spend time working out when all of your friends are checking out that new pizza place? Well, to be honest, now and again you’ll simply have to miss out on a party or two. However, this doesn’t mean that the opportunity to experience them is gone for good – there will be other opportunities. You’re only just starting out with your uni experience – there will be plenty of time to explore and experience new things. Staying on top of your exercise regime will ensure you are healthy and physically capable of enjoying them.

By staying fit and healthy, you’ll be ensuring that you can take up any new opportunity head-on. You’ll feel good about yourself and capable of trying out new things if your body is in good shape. It may also help to prevent you feeling cranky and overwhelmed all the time, which will contribute to your overall experience as a first-year university student.

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