3 Ways to Prepare for an Amazing Study Abroad Experience


Whether you have your heart set on studying abroad, or are interested in the idea, SchoolFinder and ScholarshipsCanada can help you research and prepare for the experience of a lifetime!

These simple-to-use resources will help you discover the school of your dreams, the best program for you to study and great scholarships that will make studying abroad more affordable.

What are you waiting for? The world is yours to discover! Keep reading to see how we can help get you there. Read more here

1. Where will you study abroad?

Okay, so you want to study abroad – fantastic! You may already know which school you’d like to attend, but chances are, you may not be sure what’s exactly out there. Don’t worry, SchoolFinder has your back!

The SchoolFinder website has many functions that allow you to find out your options for studying around the globe, no matter what your interests are. You can also visit the Study and Go Abroad Fair to meet universities face-to-face.

Our school search allows you to either search by school name, or explore a list of institutions by type. If you’re looking to study a bachelor degree in the United Kingdom, for example, we allow you to easily see what’s available through the filters on the results page.

Selecting a school will reveal important information, including: quick facts about the school, school profile, admission criteria, fees, financial aid options, facilities, programs, contact information and scholarships. Some schools even allow you to directly request information right on their profile!

2. What will you study abroad?

Once you’ve had a chance to check out some of the fantastic schools abroad, you’ll need to determine what it is you want to study. Perhaps you want to do it the other way around if you already know what you want to study. It’s entirely up to you!

SchoolFinder’s program search page gives you the option of either searching for a specific program, or exploring a range of programs through your different interests.

Typing in your desired program will bring you results that you can filter. For example, if you want to find out what your options are for a bachelor degree in biology in the United States, you can refine your results to see what’s available!

3. Need help funding your study abroad experience?

ScholarshipsCanada has over 85,000 scholarships and bursaries, many of which are from schools across the globe! It is definitely worth checking out to see if there is something for you.

The easiest way to find scholarships is to create a profile on ScholarshipsCanada. Don’t worry, it’s free! Be sure to fill out as much information as you can – this will ensure you see scholarships that match you best.

Once you have completed your profile, you will land on your dashboard where you will find your matching scholarships listed. You can use the filter options at the top of the list and the column headings to help sort your scholarships. Remember you can change and update your profile at any time!

Each scholarship profile has details on deadline, requirements and further contact information. If you’re someone who needs reminders, you can sign up for scholarship deadline alerts to ensure you are notified of upcoming deadlines!

We wish you the best of luck in preparing for your study abroad experience!

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