The Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2023


Are you thinking of studying abroad in 2023? Check out these top locations for Canadian students!

So, you’ve thought a bit about what your future looks like in school and one thing’s for sure — you want to study abroad! If you’re someone who craves adventure, loves culture, is independent, and wants to see the world, then studying abroad for your whole degree — or even just a semester — could be a great option for you!

But, now you’ve got to answer the big question: where will you go? To help narrow down your choices, check out these top five destinations for studying abroad in 2023:

1. United States of America

The United States continues to be a great option for Canadian students to study abroad. With a reputation for quality education and an enthusiastic campus life, the US could be a great option for you! The US has some of the best universities in the world. They consistently dominate the top spots of world university rankings. For example, seven out of the top ten schools on the Times Higher Education (THE) world university rankings are located in the US. So, you can expect great learning opportunities, excellent teaching, and plenty of research options if you choose to study in the US.

When studying abroad, you usually have to get a visa. However, as a Canadian studying in the US, you don’t actually need a student visa! Instead, you need to submit a few forms and information. Check out exactly what it takes to study abroad in the US. This is a great option for studying abroad if you’re looking for somewhere that resembles close to home.

2. United Kingdom

Similar to the US, the United Kingdom is also known for its high-quality education and world-renowned universitiesTwo out of the top three schools on THE’s world university rankings are UK universities. So, whatever you decide to study, a degree from the UK is recognized internationally and will look great to employers.

The UK also provides a unique culture and experience for students. There’s a good mix of energetic city life filled with pubs, concerts, nightlife, art galleries, and outdoor markets, and gorgeous countryside villages with cute local shops and beautiful trails.

As an extra bonus, programs in the UK (excluding Scotland) are generally shorter than what you may find in Canada. Most undergraduate courses may take three years to complete, meaning you’ll graduate quicker and spend less money on tuition and other school costs. If you’re thinking of pursuing a master’s program, then the same benefits as an undergrad applies as most master’s programs may take one-year to complete.

3. Australia

If you want to study abroad, then why not study “down under” in Australia? There are plenty of benefits and attractions to studying in Australia other than the beaches, rainforests, deserts, and incredible wildlife. Like the UK, undergraduate degrees typically take three years. What’s even better is if you’re interested in a professional degree (medicine, dentistry, etc.) as some Australian schools offer these degrees at the undergraduate level. So, you could work towards becoming a doctor immediately after high school!

You don’t have to worry about complex requirements to apply to Australian schools; they ask for students to complete 12 years of school — just like in Canada! You’ll need some additional requirements depending on your program, but this makes Australia a great option for Canadians!

Once you complete your studies and decide you want to stay in the country (because who wouldn’t want to?), Australia offers Temporary Graduate visas allowing you to stay and work for either 18 months or up to four years! Keep in mind that the Australian dollar is pretty similar to the Canadian dollar which makes your transition a lot easier!

4. Caribbean

Do you want to pursue a medical degree? If so, the Caribbean may be the best place for you! Many medical schools in the Caribbean offer medical programs that have the same high-quality education and medical opportunities as Canadian schools. You could be learning everything you need to know to become an MD, just as you would in Canada, but you could do it from warm, beachy islands in the Caribbean!

Clinical rotations are part of medical programs and are opportunities for you to study alongside doctors with real patients. Many medical schools in the Caribbean will offer clinical rotations in the US and possibly Canada as well, so you can earn international experience!

By choosing to study medicine abroad, you’re not only earning your MD accreditation and industry skills, but you’re also learning essential soft skills as well. You’re becoming independent, resourceful, confidence, adaptable, good with time management and communication.

5. France

So, you’re interested in studying in Europe? France is a good choice for studying abroad. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (PDF)14% of Canadian students studying abroad chose to study in France in 2016.

A major benefit of choosing to study at a university in France is that the French government pays for most of your tuition — no matter if you’re a domestic or international student. So, you don’t have to worry about high tuition fees for being an international student. You could put that money you save in tuition towards your living expenses, or even a bit of travelling. Transportation in Europe is incredibly simple and efficient, so you could take a weekend trip in neighbouring countries as a study break.

You can find many programs taught in English, but if you want to learn a new language, there’s no better way than to fully immerse yourself in it! If you want to study in French, then you may have to take a language test to prove your proficiency, but if you want to learn French on the side while studying in English, then you’re in the right place!

There you have it — some of the best places for you to study abroad in 2023! These aren’t your only great options for studying abroad. Find a place that has what you’re looking for — whether that’s warm, sandy beaches or exciting cities, the one specific program you’re dying to take, the campus life you like, or anything else you can think of. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re prepared and ask the right questions to find the best school for you!

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