5 Great Tips for New Year Resolutions for University Students


Christmas break is over, batteries are recharged and now it’s time to re-engage in your studies and university life. The New Year is always a great time to make goals, re-focus and start planning for the spring, summer and beyond. Here are a few great resolutions to consider:

  1. Spend more time studying in the library
    If you get easily distracted, there’s no better place than the library to study – no TV, no chatting, no household chores.
  2. Exercise more
    Get out for a walk every day – even if only for half an hour. Fresh air can boost your immune system and energize you and is a great way to clear the mind.
  3. Get Study Tips
    Find out if your university offers workshops on Study Techniques or Tips or ask your Academic Supervisor for some recommendations.
  4. Volunteer
    Find ways to volunteer on campus, off campus or abroad in your vacation. Find out what options your university offers, and check out organizations offering volunteer experiences. Studies show that volunteering reduces stress and is good for your health 😉 and it’s also a great way to meet people.
  5. Travel
    Studies show that travel makes you a happier person. It also opens up your eyes to different cultures, and gives you a broader perspective of the world. Studying, internships or work abroad programs are also great selling points on your résumé. Check out the free Study and Go Abroad Fair to meet with universities and student travel organizations to learn more.

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