Short-Term Exchanges Made Easier with BC Study Abroad


Why go abroad?

The decision to study abroad is a major one. Students report that going overseas or to a foreign country to study forever changes their lives – in a fantastic way. They learn new language skills, make new friends and connections, and most importantly, challenge their perspectives. When returning home, many find that these new skills increase their employability and inspire them for years to come.

Although it’s never easy to adapt to a new culture – especially when it’s your first time travelling abroad – with careful planning and preparation, this can be one of the best parts of your academic experience.

Today’s world is interconnected. To be successful, you must become a global thinker. Students who are flexible and open minded to new ideas, languages, and ways of life, will have advantages professionally and personally. Some experts even say international experiences make you more creative. You’ll be able to challenge traditional ideas and draw on your unique experiences from international living.

Who are we?

We are BC Study Abroad! was created to make it easy for students in BC to find exciting short-term opportunities in the country or region of choice. The website caters to BC students, but could serve as a model for other provinces going forward. It’s beautifully designed, easy to use and a “one-stop shop” to search international programming offered by many BC schools. You can get inspired by student blog posts and travel stories – or easily apply to programs yourself.

How it works is open to BC students enrolled in a post-secondary program. The site was redesigned in 2013 and features listings from 20+ participating public and private institutions (known as BC Study Abroad (BCSA) consortium members).

You can search and apply for international programs and field schools offered by your home institution or other schools across BC. All programs are for credit. Using the search functions on this site, you will be able to see information such as:

  • When the program starts
  • Location
  • Course description
  • What fields or disciplines its applicable to, and
  • How you can apply.

Why you should check it out

  • Learn about the benefits of studying abroad for BC students
  • Search Study Abroad programs offered by many BC institutions at once
  • Search by region (e.g., Asia) or program type (e.g., Humanities)
  • Access programs from high-quality, EQA designated schools
  • Apply for bursaries or scholarships for students just like you
  • Get quick tips and resources on life overseas
  • Plan for the time of your life!

Our governing body and more information

The site was launched by the BC Council for International Education (BCCIE), a provincial Crown Corporation of the Government of British Columbia. BCCIE is committed to advancing the international education interests of BC and representing the province’s public and accredited private K-12, post-secondary and language institutions. One such interest is increasing opportunities for our own BC students to study abroad.

For more information and tips, follow BC Study Abroad on Twitter @BC_studyabroad or join the Facebook page

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BCCIE – BC Council for International Education

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