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Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Scholarships


On, 86% of scholarships offered do not require an academic average!

Scholarships come in a variety of forms from a variety of places. Many scholarships come from educational institutions, such as universities and colleges, but they can also be offered by research groups, local businesses, banks, trade unions or individuals to students who meet their criteria. These non-educational administrators offer over 10,000 of the scholarships available on ScholarshipsCanada.

Knowing where scholarships come from is important because it will determine how to best prepare for them. In other words, how can you become eligible for free student money?

Many scholarships are offered on a grades basis (entrance scholarships) and are automatically calculated upon acceptance at an institution. However, these types of scholarships only make up a small portion of scholarships out there. On ScholarshipsCanada, 86% of the scholarships offered do not require an academic average! These kinds of scholarships are important to take action on because they are focused on qualitative attributes like leadership, goals, experiences, etc.

Matching your attributes to awards criteria is what ScholarshipsCanada does for students with our online free matching tool. We have awards that will match to any student, regardless of academic achievement.

Before applying to scholarships, check out where they come from and what criteria is being requested. Perhaps it is an essay writing contest, where you’ll need time to prepare something great! Or perhaps it may be a leadership award, where you’ll need time to get involved before the application deadline!

Did you know that 3% of scholarships on ScholarshipsCanada never receive applications! That could be free money in your hands! See what’s available today!

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