Masters Degree In International Management


Just as studying abroad can make for a more flexible mindset, academic study is another way to acquire the kind of international experience and cross-cultural perspective that is increasingly in demand in today’s job market. A Masters in International Management (MIM) is an excellent example of a program that does just that, while equipping students with a solid working knowledge of subjects.

This degree usually combines subjects as varied as international business, digital business, finance, and sales and marketing. Such a program is traditionally aimed at young graduates in the early stages of their professional development which means that, unlike an MBA, previous working experience is not a must. The main objective is to help students improve their skills right after finishing their undergraduate studies.

The student body of MIM programs also tends to comprise extremely varied profiles, from economics and history majors, to engineers. This range of academic experience cultivates a creative and innovative classroom environment where a diverse mix of students can compare different mindsets and points of view. It goes without saying that this helps students develop a well-rounded network of peers.

The international focus of this type of masters program also entails learning how to facilitate the exchange of information within companies and agencies based in different countries. The skills, knowledge, and networking that a master in international management provides increase the chances of finding a challenging job in multinationals, international agencies, or in companies where globalization is a key corporate strategy.

Last but not least, there is a good possibility that such a career path will offer a wide range of experiences that involve travel and continued growth opportunities, like meeting new people and immersing yourself in different cultures.

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