6 Reasons to Study in Portugal


Portugal is one of the cheapest places to study and live in Europe, and is a great option for international students.  Enjoy a sunny climate, cosmopolitan cities, and a friendly, welcoming culture without breaking the bank.

Learn Portuguese

Studying in Portugal is an opportunity to learn Portuguese, which is spoken by over 300m people worldwide (also spoken in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and other African and also Asian countries).  A second/third language looks great on your resume!

Top quality education at a reasonable price

Through the Bologna Process, degree programs at Portuguese universities are aligned to, and comparable with, other European countries’ programs, and tuition fees are much cheaper (ranging from 1,500 Euro per year at a public university to around 4,000 Euros at a private university). What’s more, no Portuguese is necessary as there’s a growing number of programs taught in English, especially at Master’s level.

Study in one of Europe’s oldest countries

The Kingdom of Portugal gained its independence in 1143 and, unlike other European countries, its borders have remained more or less intact. Enjoy the centuries of history while studying in Portugal; you won’t be disappointed. Visit villages with cobbled streets, centuries-old castles and churches. Follow in the footsteps of the Knights of the Templar at Castelo Branco, visit Coimbra, home to Portugal’s oldest university (originally founded in 1290), and visit Guimarães, where Portuguese independence was won.

Cosmopolitan, vibrant cities

Portugal’s main cities are very cosmopolitan and have a vibrant music and nightlife scene. The food is amazing, and the wine and beer rival that of France and Germany. The Portuguese have a well-deserved reputation for being hospitable and welcoming, and they love to celebrate. Make sure you catch one of their many festivals.

Natural beauty

If you’re looking for beautiful scenery, then Portugal has it all; from the spectacular Benagil Caves, to the hiker’s paradise of the Penado Geres National Park to the stunning wine-growing region of the Douro Valley, ranked one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. And let’s not forget, the stunning beaches of the Algarve – luckily Portugal is a small country and you’ll unlikely to ever be that far from a beach.


The weather in Portugal is general temperate, with some regions in the south boasting more than 300 sunny days every year. The rain generally falls in the winter (Nov – March) and more in the north than in the south.

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