Know Before You Go: Study in Norway


Nature, Weather and Climate:

Spending time outdoors is a fundamental part of the Norwegian culture, and they are proud of their spectacular nature (and with good reason!). Norway offers diverse landscapes, from forest-covered hills to fjords and glaciers so if you’re studying in Norway, you’ll never run out of places to explore.  You can even access ski trails directly from some of the university campuses.

Experience the midnight sun, and the northern lights – a couple of the amazing phenomena you’ll have an opportunity to see.

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Which University to Study in?

You can find institutions of higher education located all over Norway in urban and more rural areas, and many do offer degrees in English. A full range of programs are offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and every institution has their own specialty areas. Combine your academic interests with an exciting geographical location!

Click here for a list of universities, with more details on what they offer. Search by region and institution type. Click here for a list of fields of study, and see which universities offer them.


Norwegians enjoy a good work-life balance and place a lot of importance on good health and an active lifestyle, which is likely why their life expectancy is very high.  They have an informal and casual way of life, and this is reflected on campus at universities as well.  Students enjoy an informal atmosphere, taught in small classes, with approachable teachers. Read more about the lifestyle and how Norwegians spend their evenings and weekends here.

Education and student life

Norway offers a top-class education and generally public universities are free of charge, even for international students. Universities offer a lot of on-campus and off-campus activities, so students have plenty of options. To learn more about student life and the education system, click here.

Things you Likely Don’t Know About Norway .. Facts and Stats

Likely you’re not surprised that Norway has the largest number of fjords in the world, but did you know that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Norway by a Norwegian Committee.  A couple of other fun facts are that the Norwegians invented the paper clip, and in 2008, Norway knighted a king penguin, named Nils Olav. Read here for more fun facts.

Check the Study in Norway website for more information on studying in Norway: Study in Norway

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