New Zealand gives you room to breathe and the space to be yourself


Are you considering studying at a university in New Zealand? New Zealand offers international students a relaxed pace of life as well as endless opportunities for adventure.

In an area the size of the UK, but with a population of only 5 million (vs UK’s 68 million), New Zealand has a lot of space.  The cities are relatively small – even the largest city, Auckland, only has a population of 1.7m) –  and uncrowded, which means that commuting to university is easy.  And, wherever you live, you’ll have easy access to beaches, parks, walking trails and cycle tracks.

Interesting Fact About New Zealand

In 1893, New Zealand became the first nation to grant women the right to vote.

Enjoy the arts and culture scene, music, theatre, free festivals, or chill with friends at a restaurant or bar.  Take the time to explore native forests, snow-capped mountains, white sandy beaches, picture-perfect lakes and stunning fjords. There really is something for everyone.

New Zealand consistently ranks among the world’s top countries for quality of life, and for a great work/life balance.

Choose your adventure!

Find out more about lifestyle in New Zealand here, and check the Study in New Zealand site for more information on studying there.

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