New Zealand Will Enchant and Surprise You


If you are thinking of studying abroad,
think new – think New Zealand.

Unpack the surprise that is New Zealand and you’ll find a world-class education in a fun, safe, welcoming, and beautiful environment.

Education drives success

For a young country with just 4.5 million people, New Zealanders achieve remarkable success. We have produced Nobel Laureates and a Fields Medal winner in science and mathematics, and we are proud of our world-class filmmakers, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, and sportspeople.

New Zealand education encourages this spirit of innovation and success, and if you study in New Zealand you will find yourself thinking new too.


New Zealand is a diverse country of many cultures, including our native Māori. We’re easy going and embrace different lifestyles and opinions. It’s a country where strangers soon become friends.

You’ll find New Zealanders who will welcome you into their homes and their hearts, building lifelong relationships with an experience you will never forget.

Outdoor adventure activities

New Zealand offers you the perfect blend of outdoor and urban adventure. Students will enjoy modern vibrant cities with a great nightlife, public transport, restaurants, and shops combined with amazing outdoor adventures on land and on water.

Nowhere in New Zealand is more than 120km from the sea. Every city and town has native bush reserves with tracks for walking or cycling, parks, sports clubs, and swimming pools.

Hike into the mountains, kayak on a white-water river, tackle the back country ski slopes, surf in pumping waves – New Zealand will show you a new world beyond the classroom.


Many scholarships for international students – including PhD scholarships and scholarships for Masters’ degrees – are offered by the New Zealand government, educational institutions and philanthropists.

All eight New Zealand universities offer one doctoral Commonwealth Scholarship for Canadian students.

  • Victoria University in the capital city of Wellington offers a scholarship for Canadian students intending to do research leading to a Master’s degree in Geophysics – either Solid Earth Geophysics or Meteorology.
  • University of Auckland provides a Commonwealth Scholarship for PhDs (Doctor of Philosophy) or an approved Doctorate degree.

Visit for more information on scholarships for Canadians.

Education opportunities

New Zealand has eight state-funded universities spread across the country, offering a diverse range of degree subjects from business to physical and life sciences.

There are 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics providing internationally recognized qualifications including degrees and diplomas. Learning is focused on practical skills and hands-on experience with strong links to local businesses.

Importantly, you can take your Canadian Federal and Provincial Student loans to all New Zealand universities and many Institutes of Technology.


New Zealand’s teaching culture is focused on developing critical and creative thinking skills to help graduates solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

All eight of our universities rank in the top three percent of universities worldwide (QS World University Rankings), and each offers world-ranking subject strengths. For instance, the University of Otago is 12th in the world for dentistry; the University of Auckland is 20th for archaeology; Massey University is 25th for veterinary science; and Canterbury University is 50th for civil and structural engineering. They lead the way through academic excellence and personalised learning.

Study, career, and employment support

One of New Zealand’s biggest strengths is its focus on producing ‘work-ready’ graduates who can hit the ground running – very attractive to future employers.

Education institutions are well connected with business, with many courses offering built-in internships and providing experiences that instil independence and resourcefulness within and outside of the classroom.

Skilled international graduates may also be able to work in New Zealand after they graduate, if they can find employment linked to their studies.

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We are sure you’ll be surprised by what New Zealand has to offer.

Dunedin is a real student city! It reminded me a lot of Kingston or Peterborough, Ontario. Lots of student-centric entertainment, bars, nightclubs – but with better beaches, wildlife, hiking and weather! I had a great time as a student, was welcomed by so many people and got to see many uniquely beautiful places. New Zealand really welcomes Canadians – and I’d recommend it to anyone seeking an exciting and rewarding study experience.”

Sarah Gauthier, Master of International Studies student, University of Otago, Dunedin

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Carole van Grondelle, Communications Manager
New Zealand Education

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