6 Great Reasons to Study in the Czech Republic


Study in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic, and enjoy a top notch education for a budget-friendly price.  Read on for six great reasons to consider the Czech Republic for your undergrad or postgrad degree.

1. High quality education: English-taught degrees

Czech universities are known for their high quality education and research, especially in the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.  Each year, over 50,000 international students study in the Czech Republic, and the 1000+ English-taught degree programs attract students from across the globe for full degrees, short-term exchanges and summer programs.  Another plus is that on graduating, students can stay for up to nine months to find a job or start a business.

Click here for a list of Czech universities.

2. Location: study and live in the heart of Europe

Location – location – location! The Czech Republic has it. This beautiful country is located right in the centre of Europe, making it easy to visit the rest of Europe. Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia surround Czech Republic, making daytrips very easy.

Just to give you an idea of train trips from Prague:

Vienna, Austria 4.5 hours
Krakow, Poland 6.5 hours
Bratislava, Slovakia 4.5 hours
Berlin, Germany 4 hours
Munich, Germany 5 hours
Budapest, Hungary 3 hours

While we are talking about locations, two Czech cities, Brno and Prague, were ranked in the top 10 student cities worldwide by the QS Top Universities Student View in 2019.

3. A unique culture

The Czech culture has been shaped by its geographic location in the heart of Europe, and is at the crossroads of many different cultures. The blend of Slavonic, German (Austrian) and Jewish influences has resulted in a rich and unique Central-European cultural heritage and lifestyle. You can also see Italian influences here, for example in the Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

4. Affordable tuition and living costs

The Czech Republic offers a much lower cost of living than many other European countries. As a student, you can expect to pay around US$350-750 per month, including meals, accommodation, public transport and spending money.

As international students, expect to pay between C$ 2,000 and C$12,000 per year for tuition fees, depending on the university.

Click here for more information on living costs.

5. Immerse yourself in nature

There are four national parks in the Czech Republic; Krkonose, Podyji, Sumava, and Bohemian Switzerland.  While you are studying at a Czech university, take the opportunity at weekends to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the mountains and forests. Explore the parks on foot, on a bike or even on cross-country skis on the extensive trail network.

6. History

The Czech Republic can boast 14 UNESCO historical sites, ranging from well-preserved examples of traditional Central-European villages, to cultural landscapes and historic buildings.

This small landlocked Central European country is said to be home to over 1600 beautiful, ornate castles and châteaux.

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