3 Reasons that Make Chile a Must-see Destination


This year, Chile has been chosen by different international media as a must-see destination for 2017. Check out the main reasons that placed Chile in the map.

During this year different international media have chosen Chile as one of the best destinations to visit, due to its touristic appeal, its diverse nature and geography and its gastronomic culture, among other reasons. Read about some of the reasons to choose Chile as a destination for your studies.

Nature and its Contrasts

Chile, which is 4.270 km in length from north to south, boasts 36 national parks and offers huge diversity of flora, fauna and ecosystems, and a unique geography. Inside this thin strip of land you can find yourself in the middle of the driest desert in the world in Atacama, north of the country; on the other hand, in the south you can visit fjords, glaciers, besides subpolar islands in the Magallanes region. Travelling between the north and south is easy, due to the good network of roads.

For these reasons, the British newspaper, The Telegraph, nominated Chile as the best destination to visit in 2017, above Canada, India and New Zealand. National Geographic also named Chile as ‘the South American gem’.

Culinary and Wine Culture

The geographic diversity and the long distances between regions have contributed to Chile’s diversity in gastronomy. In its list “The Foods You Have to Eat in Chile,” Travel and Leisure highlighted the wide variety of dishes that can be found in the different regions of the country, the abundance of seafood and also the traditional dishes that are typical for the entire country.

Also, as there is no food that shouldn’t be paired with a good wine, Chile and its world renowned production of wine was included in CNN’s list of the “World’s best wine tours and trails — from France to Australia”. Naming Valle del Maipo as the home of Chile’s wine industry, the magazine highlighted the easy access to vineyards and the opportunity to witness first-hand the production process of a quality wine. Chile ranks on the same level as other renowned wine growing regions known for the quality of their grapes; for example California’s Napa Valley, France and Italy.

Education in Chile

Through Learn Chile, find out about undergraduate and postgraduate studies in all fields, as well as short-term academic exchanges for shorter periods, special programs in Latin American culture or Spanish language courses for exchange students. Choose between 21 educational institutions located in Santiago and in other regions.  This is an opportunity to witness the geographic contrasts of Chile and experience the great diversity of possibilities both inside and outside the classroom.

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Learn Chile: a consortium of 21 Chilean higher education institutions that work together, with support from Chilean government to enhance the promotion of Chile as a destination

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