Australia Borders Open Fully to International Students


Australia is welcoming back students from across the world to study at their world-class institutions, and has launched a new ‘Welcome video’ (see below).

On a regular year (pre-Covid), 400,000 students study at universities in Australia each year, including a good number of Canadians. Read what Ontario student, Daanish, has to say about his exchange experience.

Daanish Kachalia
(student at McMaster University, Canada)

Doing an Exchange term at the University of Western Australia has allowed me to grow so much as an individual. It has helped me push boundaries that I didn’t know were possible. I now have a friend in six of the seven continents around the world. Furthermore, it has helped with my academic and professional development, like giving me a chance to be an English Tutor or host a LinkedIn Learning Session.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking to do an exchange at UWA to go forward with it. Travelling was a blast, especially exploring Karijini and the beauties of Western Australia. It is a unique university experience and a very welcoming environment. There are many events that the University hosts for exchange students and you are guaranteed to have a great time, all while experiencing the Australian culture.

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