Five great reasons to study in Argentina


Argentina is the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest in the world. It boasts a dynamic culture, a rich and colorful history, stunning geography, a strong education system, and a thriving nightlife. Argentina’s claim to fame includes the tango, the pampas, some of the world’s most incredible beef, and even penguins. Every year many students come to Argentina to study and here’s five reasons why you should be one of them.

1. If you’re a fan of food and wine…

Foodies rejoice in Argentina! If you crave some of the best food in the world then this is the place to be. Argentinians love their beef- and so they should. Many beef producers in the country still use the older methods of pasture grass feeding their cattle – a more expensive method, but the taste of the beef makes the process worthwhile. Argentina even holds the title of the world’s highest consumption rate of beef at 65 KG a year per capita. Let’s not forget what best accompanies the beef .. the wine!  Argentina is the fifth largest wine producing country by volume, so there’s no shortage and they’re not likely to run out. You’ll be able to enjoy regional varieties such as Torrontes and Cabernet Sauvignons in the North and Malbec in the Central Regions. Make sure to take in a vineyard tour when you can!

2. How about speaking the lingo… ?

It’s becoming an increasing necessity to be multi-lingual; while studying in Argentina you will be immersed in Spanish, which is one of the most useful languages you can learn. Currently, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world—next to Mandarin Chinese- and it is also the official language of 21 countries. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to learn through immersion, and one day you’ll be able to put Spanish on your resume! If it’s not possible for you to roll those ‘R’s then fear not—some of the universities in Buenos Aires have courses that are taught in English as well.

3. How about a well-rounded education?

Choosing the right university can be a challenge… but Argentina makes the choice a lot simpler! Argentina is one of the most popular places in Latin America for studying.  This year 39 Argentinian Institutions ranked on the QS University Work Rankings: Latin America, and the stats continue to rise. On the worldwide scale, four universities ranked in the top 500. The highest ranked institution is Universidad Buenos Aires, which was rated 198th place worldwide. Some of the institution’s programs such as agriculture, forestry, art & design, and modern languages are renowned internationally.  Other top institutions include Universidad Austral, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires, and Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires. Currently, nearly 90,000 international students choose to study in Argentina every year, and who can blame them—Argentina offers high quality courses, affordable living and immersion in Spanish, all while taking in such an incredibly diverse culture.

4. Perhaps take in a few festivals?

Argentina is a country that loves its celebrations! Every year the capital city, Buenos Aires, is host to a number of festivals and events. Some of the most popular festivals include “The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Films”, “Fashion Buenos Aires” celebrating fashion week twice a year, and “La Rural” which is a two week long farm fair and gaucho festival. Other events include; a Pride parade, art, music, and tango festivals. One of the major events of the year is Argentinian National Day. Celebrated in May, people gather to celebrate their country’s independent governance dating back to 1810. Argentineans take this celebration seriously, displaying flags and dressing in national colors, and hosting concerts and dance events.

5. Take your pick of the natural wonders…

Argentina is home to some of the most incredible natural wonders that you could ever experience. Take your pick – this country contains some of the most incredible natural landscape in the world. Two of the most popular places to visit are Iguazu Falls and Glacier National Park. The Iguazu Falls are right on the borders of Argentina and Brazil, but the falls themselves fall on the Argentinian side. In 1984, the falls were named a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site and are one of the most visited tourist attraction in Argentina. Along with the stunning views of the falls, visitors can also take part in tours, treks, and various watersports. Glaciers National Park is located on the border between Argentina and Chile and is also a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. A stay in Argentina wouldn’t be complete without visiting either of these incredible natural sites.

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