Who Should Attend the
Study and Go Abroad Fairs?

The upcoming Study and Go Abroad Spring fairs are for everyone interested in looking for undergraduate or post-graduate programs overseas, or in taking a volunteer program, working or taking an internship abroad, considering a gap year or career break, or adventure travel.

The event is focused on post-secondary education, hosting top-ranking university and college recruiters from around the world. As well, there are several vocational, work experience and Gap Year/Career Break program providers.

You should attend if you are:

  • Looking for undergraduate programs overseas
  • Looking for masters/doctoral programs overseas
  • Considering a gap year or a career break
  • Wanting to upgrade your education or skills, or change career path
  • Wanting to find a way to study or work overseas for short- or long-term
  • Researching universities for exchange programs
  • Wanting to travel and experience the world
  • Inspired to broaden your horizons!