The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for a Study Abroad Student


With Christmas just around the corner, here are some Christmas gift ideas for the study abroad student in your life…

During a study abroad or semester, most students try to take weekend trips to spots around the country or neighbouring countries. A pack to help them transport their essentials is a must have. It should be small enough to take for carry on luggage but large enough to take on weekend trips and overnight hikes. A 30-40L pack should be enough to carry the essentials, depending on how much of a light packer the student is. MEC has some great options for these!

Universal Power Adapter
Universal power adaptors work all around the world, making them perfect for people studying abroad. This is particularly true if they are studying in Europe, where different plugs are needed from country to country. They fold down, so they take up hardly any luggage space and usually have USB ports, allowing the user to charge multiple devices at once.

A study abroad trip is the adventure of a lifetime. A semester or year of exploring a totally new place and making friends from all over the world is something that most students will want to document. A good quality camera is a must-have for documenting the year, and will allow your friend/family member who is studying abroad to take lots of photos to show you when they arrive home. Here’s a great guide for buying a camera.

Packing Cubes
Gone are the days of rummaging around in your bag for your clothes for the day! Packing cubes are perfect for frequent travellers. They are a great way to organise your clothes and belongings before trips. They keep things clean and un-wrinkled, maximise space and can even be used as a pillow during long journeys. In other words, they are perfect for an on-the-go study abroad student.

Treats From Home
At the beginning of a study abroad trip, most students miss home a little bit. Photos, letters and hard-to-find treats from home can be exactly the home comfort they need in these moments. Hershey’s chocolate, peanut butter cups, peanut butter and maple syrup are all items that can be hard to come by in some countries. Alternatively, you could write them letters to read throughout their study abroad adventure, or print or make photos for them to hang on their wall.

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By Megan Brickley
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