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Chat live with representatives from universities and professional schools during the fair. Learn about undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs at home and abroad. Ask about admission requirements, and available scholarships.

Taking a gap year? Visit the student travel booths to find out more about gap year options, including work abroad.

Check the fair webinar schedule on our website, and see which institutions are attending here.

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MAY 19
3pm - 9pm EST

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Click on this link between the hours of 11am and 5pm EST on February 25-26 to join the fair. If you’ve pre-registered, go ahead and sign in.  If you haven’t, go ahead and register and set up a password (it will only take a few minutes)

Click on the arrow at the bottom of the page, or click on the menu (top left) and then on ‘Exhibition Hall’ to see the exhibitor booths.  Each booth is represented by their logo, and you’ll see their exhibitor name and country underneath.

In the Exhibition Hall you can search by country and Exhibitor Name.

Click on the exhibitor booth you are interested in to chat, take a look at their profile, download brochures, watch videos and see what webinars they are offering.

When you’re in the exhibitor’s booth, if the representative is online, you’ll see the purple chat icon (see below). Click on this, and it will take you to their public chat.

Click on the purple chat circle in the booth, or on your red chat box to be connected to the exhibitor’s public chat. Post questions on the public chat or you can initiate a private chat by searching for the exhibitor in the exhibitors list. Exhibitors might also send you a message to see if they can help you. Chats can be text-based or video chat.

If the exhibitor is not currently online, you can send a message through the mailbox.

You will stay connected to the public chats of all the exhibitor booths  you have visited unless you close that box.

Click on Webinar Schedule in the menu to see the full schedule. We have an exciting range of webinar topics for you. Click on the ‘attend’ link and this will take you through to the webinar.

Please note that webinars will appear in your local time. Some of the webinars are recorded and ‘on demand’ – and others are live.  For a list of which ones are recorded, see our website for details.

You can see which exhibitors offer scholarships in the exhibitors’ hall, underneath the logo.

Or, you can click on the scholarships page from the main menu, and then search by institution name, or key word (ie postgraduate, etc).

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