Countdown to the Study and Go Abroad Fairs

Transform your child’s travel experience with a prepaid travel card that makes it easy to spend like a local


When you hear the words “study abroad,” what do you think of?

Delicious food… Sublime art… Unforgettable sights… All of the above…

There’s no doubt that studying abroad is a special experience. In fact, for some students, it can be transformative, even life-altering,

But there are a lot of challenges to be overcome when you and your child decide to tackle an opportunity studying abroad in the midst of new cultures – from becoming fluent in other languages to staying safe in unfamiliar surroundings to simply learning the cultural nuances and social graces of different countries.

And that’s not even including what is perhaps the biggest challenge of all: paying for everything when you’re there!  In fact, trying to figure out the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to pay for your travel abroad can seem just as complicated as acing your first exam abroad, especially if your travel involves multiple currencies.

Nobody likes facing a big credit card bill when they return home (especially not your parents). But it can be pretty hard to avoid when you’re travelling for an extended period of time. How can you budget correctly if you’re dealing with inflated international credit card fees or fluctuating exchange rates? Carrying cash may solve that problem, but it leaves you vulnerable to theft. And let’s face it: the only thing worse than a huge credit card bill is being financially stranded in a foreign country. Besides which, who wants to carry cash anymore?

CIBC Air Canada ACconversion Visa Prepaid Card

That’s why the new CIBC Air Canada® ACconversion™ Visa* Prepaid Card is the smart solution for your international adventure. It’s not a credit card, and it’s not cash. It’s a prepaid travel card that lets you carry up to 10 currencies on just one card and spend like a local in 45 countries. What’s more, it’s easy to get one: you don’t need a CIBC bank account to have one, and there’s no application process!

You can use it anywhere VISA is accepted and at ATMs worldwide. It’s quick and easy to reload anytime and anywhere you’re online. Simply use the AC Conversion mobile app through any debit, credit, or Interac product from any Canadian financial institution. No matter where you go, your card can be reloaded (by you or your parents), and it will automatically spend in the local denomination. There are no fees attached and exchange rates are locked in when you purchase your foreign currencies, meaning no credit card surprises. With no connection to your bank account and the Chip and PIN security you know, the card keeps your funds secure, even if it’s lost or stolen.

It’s like having a multi-currency bank account right in your pocket – making it just that much easier to learn about the world, anywhere in the world.

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