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Teaching English: How to Travel with Your Most Valuable Skill


The world often represents much undiscovered land and stories. Graduates tend to fear this unknown and feel obligated to start a career in their studied field immediately. According to the 2nd Youth Optimism Study conducted by Ipsos Reid Public Affairs for RBC, 96 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 14-25 say it is important for them to be able to do what they love most when it comes to a career.1 The reality is that 55 per cent of students aged 17-24 note that after graduation, they will likely have to compromise their values and take a job that pays the bills instead of being fulfilled.1

The stress and anxiety to pay off student loans, put a down payment on a house and start living the “adult life” come from unrealized career goals. After hard work and dedication to extensive training and education, graduates choose to settle into a low-skilled job. According to the same survey, only 67 per cent of females and 66 per cent of males ages 22 to 25 agree they are confident that they have the knowledge and skills to find the jobs they want.1

Canadians don’t realize that they are equipped with the most valuable skill in the world – fluency in English. When hope begins to deteriorate or a sense of adventure engulfs a graduate’s mind, many turn to the international job market. This is when they are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your Ticket to the World: Global TESOL College

Traveling the world while teaching English is the winning ticket to a career, adventure and debt-free life. After taking a five day in-class course and short online specialization, students become TESOL-certified (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and begin realizing dreams can come true.

The goal of Global TESOL College is to produce excellent teachers who will meet or exceed the demands of English learners, who not only need to learn English in theory, but most importantly, need to know how to USE the language effectively in everyday situations.

The teachers who move abroad for short and long-term positions rave about the experience – professionally and personally. Katie, a Global TESOL College graduate, travelled to teach in Guatemala for six months but chose to stay for two years. It was some of the “most memorable” years of her life, she claims, where she travelled, lived in a tight-knit community and gained valuable practical experiences to apply in future professional roles.

It’s amazing how life changes when you do.

For more details and student testimonials, visit or follow Global TESOL College on Twitter (@GlobalTESOL_CA) for program updates and job openings.

Your Ticket to the World: Global TESOL College

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